Friday, July 18, 2008

Wulfa's coming home

Well tonight the wulfa should be back and pouring love on all you poor people who've had to put up with me.

Last night got my Druid another level. 53. Slowly slowly up the ladder I go.

Edjid my new lock tagged level 6 even though certain bigger locks made fun of his name :P.

Also the bedroom was completely cleaned up and looks all shiny. Someone please tell me how fans get so dusty so quick. Bleck. I had to vacume our ceiling fan very thoroughly due to the several feet thick layer of dust it had.

The sun up here in missouri is very very painful. Even though it still isn't hot outside. As long as I stay out of the sun I can wear a the sun I feel like I"m baking. And its only mid 80's low 90's. I just don't understand it.

I want to play the lock. I think I'll tell wulfa and ishvi that I'll play the druid only if they party with me...and I'll spec healing. And I'll play the lock the rest of the time. Yeah that sounds good.


Ishvi said...

70 or I beat you with a stick.

Dulcea said...

Druid healing is SO much fun. Its not like priest healing, its proactive...especially when you get Lifebloom at 64. And 6gish for flying at 68! Who needs a gryphon? Insta-cast flight is just...*purrs*

I have to admit, I leveled feral, till I respec'd due to lack of healage with an alt run of friends in Mauradon. Didn't think too much of it till our fuzzy tank dropped from a crit to about 20% health and I used Swiftmend for the first time. It was love at first cast. Even if you only have 3s left on your regrowth or rejuv? You get an instant heal of the FULL amount of the spell. And its a 15s cooldown on the spell. Try it!