Thursday, June 25, 2009

Eating Sprees

I was asked if the Orclette has started going on eating sprees. What's funny is that I was just contemplating writing a post, well, at least the first couple of paragraphs, on that very subject.

I bought a family-sized box of Raisin Bran on Monday. I'm a stickler for serving sizes so when I say I only had 2-3 cups that's an accurate statement. My Orclette ate her way through the rest of the box by Wednesday night. I never give her big bowls, but she'll go through what I gave her and ask for more. I try to feed her other foods-stuff like strawberries, organic cheese, broccoli (accompanied by reduced-fat ranch dressing of course), chili, etc and etc. She'll pick at them, eat a few bites, and announce that she's done. So I'll clean up her tray and try to take her out of her chair. "No no no! cereal!" And because I'm a big softy and Raisin Bran isn't unhealthy I give her cereal. Sigh.

Other funny Orclette stuff ... she's probably ready to be toilet-trained. But I've decided to hold off on major life stuff like that til Damm comes back because soon enough I'll have my hands full simply juggling two kids. Anyway, she'll get a distressed look on her face, clutch at her diaper with both hands, and waddle towards me like a penguin saying "a diaper! a diaper! wet!" So funny :D

We are having oatmeal this morning because I don't particularly feel like driving to Walmart this early in the morning. And as I just told you we are completely out of cereal. And almost out of chocolate-but that's my fault not the Orclette's :D I'm not a big fan of oatmeal. To get it good-tasting I have to add way too much sugar, honey, and other sweet stuff than I normally like to add to my morning repast. But it's cheap, relatively healthy, and it's the only breakfasty thing we have. I really need Damm to get back so I will have someone to send out on errands.

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