Friday, June 26, 2009

Way too Exciting a Day

Thursday was looking to be routine, dull, normal. After lunch I bundled the Orclette into my van and started towards the in-laws house. On the way I noticed some weird noise reverberations going on. So I start looking around to see what the cause of this noise might be.

And the passenger side rear-window is completely gone.

After inspection it looks like the window was not a victim of vandalism but it imploded.

Apparently this is a common occurrence in NM.


Anyway, bro-in-law is taking it to the car dudes so they can tell me how much the window will cost to replace (it was tinted, I'm thinking it'll be expensive) and whether or not my other windows are at risk of an implosion. Until I hear back the Orclette is not riding in the van-no way is a window imploding on her. So we're housebound.

Have I mentioned I hate NM?

But all things considered this is not such a big deal. One window. With precautions, such as opening a window a bit, imploding windows can be avoided. Why no one thought to warn me of this ... grrrr. And grrrr.

I want today to be boring. No more exciting events! Unless they're happy! Well, my vacation starting next Friday is happy. My doctor's appointment on Monday is not happy. I don't likey doctors and I'm a compulsively honest person so I'll probably tell the doctor that I'm planning on going out of town and then she'll give me A Look because I'm 8-months pregnant. Now, I don't particularly care what she thinks (unless she says that something is wrong) but I don't want to have listen to a lecture.

I hate NM.

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Kayeri said...

Imploding??? dang, I'd be house-bound, too!

And for your trip... I've been wondering if your doctor knew. My doctor said NO to a 6-7 car trip when I was 7 months pregnant, and you are farther along than that...

::not mentioning that the doctor turned out to be right since I got pre-eclampsia and ended up having the Munchkin the weekend of said planned trip::