Monday, December 31, 2007

I need a vacation

Christmas vacation was nice. But I need another vacation to recover from that one. So does Wulfa. She's been haulin' butt to get to lvl 39 and now she has to stay there. Dammy wants to get a mount at the same time and he's only lvl 33. I understand. It would be hard to hear your mate crow about her new wolfie when you still have several lvl's to go before you get yours. But Dammy wants 500 gold by the time he reaches lvl 39. No problem, but exactly how am I supposed to contribute when I can't get any xp? Run Wailing Caverns over and over again. The greens that drop Zujoo can disenchant. Anything higher than that and he has a bit of trouble getting the soul dust etc. that sells so nicely on the AH. And the light leather does add up eventually. 120 light leathers=30medium leather=6 heavy leather=1 thick leather. But I decided that it would be better to just play an alt while Dammy catches up. So I rolled a Blood Elf paladin. She's pretty and dainty and light as a feather. (We don't mention that in front of 'Wulfa. She might get jealous.) I really like the Blood Elf starting area. Probably because it's new (I got Burning Crusade for Christmas :). But I'm finding it difficult to adjust from hunter to pally. I can't rush into an area rife with mobs and expect to get out alive (although being able to heal myself is awesome). It takes soooo long to kill things compared to my hunter. Granted, little Faerylyss is only lvl 9. We haven't even started on the talent tree yet. And that's another ball of wax-which path do I take? It was overwhelming researching hunters and how best to play them. Do I really want to start over and delve into the paladin world? On the plus side it's really cool to buff other players. If you're not a character that can buff and you see one that can, don't run zigzag and jump up and down and do other weird stuff. They might be trying to buff you and if you persist in butterfly behavior they can't click on you (I just had a bright thought: I bet there's a way to target the nearest friendly person. Sigh at self. I should have thought of that sooner).

Little Orclette has spotted the laptop and has decided that it's her toy. She also thinks that wires are the coolest thing ever and that my brother's XBox 360 is shiny-and-she-wants-it-now!!!-cry when mommy pulls her away. Shoes are great to chew on (shudder when I think of where they've been). Have I mentioned that little Orclette can crawl now? Life will never be the same :)



klaki said...

I have a mid level human pally and I enjoy playing her. Like I said in the previous post, I might start a BElf Pally as well. I know they don't hit hard, but I like the notion that I can take a licking and keep on ticking. Plus buffing and healing others is cool as well.

Tengu said...

Until level 30ish I think it is best if you put your talent points into retribution. After that you can decide what you want to do. Protection doesn't shine until then and it can be pretty painful if you try it before that. Holy I have no experience but I heard the same advice.

Just get a two-handed sword and whack mobs while you are playing with retribution. Just be sure to always have a shield and a one-hander at your disposal if people ask you to tank.

Hmm... That is all the advice I can think of right now. I am sure smarter people than me will be able to give more advice about paladinhood.

Ah, and congratulations to little Orclette for crawling. I bet soon enough she will be wanting to ride her own wolf. : )

Happy new year!

Joel said...

I found that Paladins start to shine just before level 40. At that point you can get holy shield on the protection tree. This allows you to gather up a group of mobs (ideally melee mobs) and have them all kill themselves by beating on your armor. See
there is an equivalent guide for holy paladins if you prefer healing to tanking when you're playing in a group.