Thursday, January 3, 2008

A'Wulfa Woe

I can't find the little tab that lets me change this to purple so I guess I'm stuck with boring black.

But to 'Wulfa.

I find that running around killing mobs, battling the Alliance, and carrying my 16-slot bags are just not enough physical exercise for this here orc mama. So I hit the weight room a few times during the week to hoist a few weights, run a few laps, all without my armor on, of course. It's also a great opportunity to show off just a wee bit, lifting weights that the old orcs who come at the same time (we're all trying to avoid the young male orcs. They're loud and stinky and like to walk around looking important between sets) could only lift in their heyday. But what with the Winter Festival and all we stayed up really late feasting and merrymaking several nights in a row so I didn't feel like going yesterday. Figured I'd go that night. So once Dammerung had finished fixing the problem those Tauren bankers had and assumed Orclette duty, I was off. And what do you think I found when I arrived? NO ROOM. No room to park Susan, no room to safely stash my gear, no room to breathe. It's all those townsorcs that every year decide they're gonna be like us and get their muscles into shape. They flood the gyms, makin it hard for us regulars to get our routine done. And if they were gonna continue coming and made a real commitment, I don't think I'd have a problem. They'd get worked into our routine. But no, a few weeks after the end of Winter Festival festivities and they've decided they really don't want to get in shape after all. So they quit coming and we never see them again. Don't get me wrong-I think all of Orgrimmar would be benefited by the townspeople getting into shape. It's just that I'm a cranky morning orc who doesn't like change and who doesn't like to see the spot I ALWAYS put Susan into taken.

So my rant is over. It's now time to wake up Susan and haul my orc butt off to the gym. And if any of you out there have resolved to start a gym routine, best of luck to you. Just don't take Susan's parking spot.



Fixed. It was on the "edit html" screen.


Dominic said...

Stupid Townsorcs... when ill they learn, winterveil fat is there for a reason!

klaki said...

I think it's more funny that those townorcs spend all that money to use the gym 5 times. I'm glad to see Wulfa using it to it's full potential. I need to hit the weights myself. It's been too long.