Tuesday, January 1, 2008


My first thought in this new year of 2008? My brother stole my t.v. I'm the insane morning person who gets up at the crack of dawn and that's what I discovered when I pattered into our living room. He's not awake yet and won't appreciate me coming down into his basement lair to find out where he took my t.v. I'm not sure my t.v. is worth going down into his bachelor hole for. It's all dark and creepy (it's a basement. I don't like basements). And the lucky duck is off today so he'll sleep til noon at least. Bah. He's one of those crazy people who actually stay up for New Year's Eve. I'm rather proud of myself-I think I was awake when the clock turned 12 a.m. We were soothing little Orclette back into sleep. She had a rather rough night-we went to a party and she was an angel until 9:30 p.m. at which point we retreated to a nice quiet bedroom where she fell asleep and I read a book (/gasp). I actually got halfway through it :) When Dammy finally got off work (all those banker-types in Orgrimmar, Thunder Bluff, Undercity, etc. were running their final tabulations and needed his expertise) we wisked Orclette off to her own bed 'cause she was showing signs of an impending crying fit.

So I've never done resolutions. Dammy doesn't do them either. But I can look back on 2007 and reminisce about all that happened in Clan Dammerung (hey, all the news people are doing it and we're way more interesting than them:) :

We moved twice. Insane, I know, but we really didn't like the spiffy new apartments we moved into. Internet almost never worked.

Little Orclette was born. The ice cream and orange juice they gave me after my 24-hour labor was the best food I had EVER tasted. And 2 full days of lounging around and not doing anything? I still think fondly of that time (apparently I've forgotten how much discomfort I was in).

We reinstalled WOW. Yes, babies are a lot of work but what was I supposed to do while she was asleep? I had already t.v.'d myself out while I was the gestation unit. And by the by, it was only supposed to be me that had WOW. But Dammy asked very nicely so now we've two accounts, a new Mac laptop that runs WOW beautifully, and of course we both have the Burning Crusade update thingy. We didn't want to go all out or anything ;)

'Wulfa and Dammy were born and Clan Dammerung begun. Angie finally got out of her 30's and into her 40's. Who else is there? Ah, Zujoo, Faerylyss, Rageheart, Chaou, Arthes, and Kylii. All still very young but with an important role in establishing Clan Dammerung. We're going to take over the world /maniacal laughter. Sorry. I was remembering pinky and the brain.

We started a blog. It's been fun to be part of a large gaming community AND it gives both of us something to talk about/discuss/plan for. And seeing your name on someone else's site is like being on t.v.

Little Orclette started crawling. I know there are other important baby milestones but that one, I think, is the one that changes your lifestyle most dramatically.

Dammy passed the 1-year mark at his job. This may not seem significant but when you come from the retail world lasting a year in one particular store is not very common, from what I've seen. On the other hand, I've been with the same company since I was only 16 seasons.

I wish I could include more of what Dammy considered excellent in 2007 but he's overloaded at work right now. Those orc bankers can't add properly and the tauren ones pressed the wrong button. So he's not in the mood to reminisce.

So that's it. 2007 is over and sometime in February I will finally remember to write 2008 instead of 2007. Heh. Happy New Year to everybody.

Alright you braindead undead punks! Listen up. We have this thing called a flowchart, it has steps and instructions:

1) Do step 1
2) Do step 2
3) If you are undead do step 3, if you are not undead skip step 3
4) Do step 4
5) Do step 5

Not too complicated. But just incase here are some pointers:





Guys THIS ISN'T COMPLICATED. The blood elves did it. Sheesh.

I don't want to have to restore you to a previous soulsave just so you can repeat your error 5 times.


/back to work


klaki said...


Happy New Year!

Congrats on all of the accomplishments and such for the family. Thats exciting that lil' Orclett can crawl now. You will have tons of fun tracking her down :)

/Track Orclett

I hope Dammy is done with his work. I can understand people not doing what they are suppose to do. I work as a programmer and I work with many other departments and there is always someone skipping the proper steps of design and such.

I hope you get your TV back!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to the Clan! I hope you are all happy, healthy and well. All the best :)