Saturday, January 5, 2008

Oops, I did it again

I said I wouldn't do it. I was tired of doing it. I have 6 or 7 already. But I was weak, and the allure was too much.

I created another hunter.

In my defense I don't have a Blood Elf hunter and I thought it would be cool to have one. They have that mana tap thing that has come in handy once or twice. I came out of the starting area with more money than I have ever come out of a starting area with. I got her to lvl 8 with no problems (took me about an hour and a half) and, when Orclette started her second nap, got her to lvl 10 and did the pet training quest. Remembered that I had a talent point to spend so opened that up. Thought for a bit. I have 2 BM hunters and I think they rock, but do I want a third? Should I try Marksmanship? Survival? After a few more moments pondering I plunked my point into BM. It's just too good.

I chose a lion-cat for my pet, an elder springpaw, to be exact. Trained her, and noticed that she already has claw, rank 2. Yippee! I have never trained a pet that already had one of those cool abilities (I've always had to, at about lvl 20, go train them myself). So we went to attack our first prey. She charged right in, started swatting, and I mana tapped the thing, and fired off a shot. And the thing was dead. I think it was a level or two below me, but still. That was fast. So we tried it again, on a mob only one lvl below. It died within mere seconds as well. Huh. That claw rank 2 is awesome. Cheers to self for picking out an awesome pet with no research at all.

Each time I do this, i.e. create another hunter, I feel like I've improved. I've learned something different with each hunter:

Angharad: that was my first hunter, so suffice it to say that I learned what shots hunters get, glanced at the traps, and had a very weak pet because my talent points were all over the place (until I redid them).
Jehane: found out that leatherworking/skinning was an awesome thing to know as you could make all your own gear.
Beowulfa: she learned that ice trapping is incredibly effective in crowd-control. She was the first of my hunters to get any of her gear enhanced with agility enchants (I just never thought of it when I was in a big city, only when I was out killing mobs). She was the first to do battlegrounds. She was the first to have any significant amount of gold. She is the highest leatherworker I have. She was the first character to do any instances (well, other than Angie with a blah-experience in Deadmines), and the first one to really play with Auctioneer.

There are several other hunters but they never made it very far or do anything very significant so I won't include them. So, welcome my newest hunter, Aelliana and her cat, Lennox. And this is it, I'm serious. No more hunters.



Pike said...

Don't ever say "no more hunters"!

*wrist slap*


Tengu said...

I don't know what is worse. Making more alts of the same class or making more alts of different classes. I am more of the second type. Though sometimes the first type seems easier as you don't forget how to play with your class if you play with another one for too long. Like when I go back to AOE with my paladin after a long time playing with my mage:

"Hmmm... This is weird. I almost got killed by these mobs when I should have ended it with full HP and mana. Oh, what is this? Seal of Light? Oh, yeah, I forgot I had to use that." /slap self

Joel said...

Big Red Kitty ( recently had a video on starting new hunters. You might pick up some ideas from there. I know I learned stuff despite having a level 40 and a level 70 hunter.

Anonymous said...

What Pike said! I have 3 hunters. Originally, one was going to be BM, one MM, and one SV.

That lasted until I discovered BRK and the wonderful goodness that is Beastmaster.

Talonis, my main, is 70, and semi-uber (he's never been topped in damage charts in a 5-man). Sparverius (66) is a spare...right now, he's busy helping a couple guildies level their priests, and raising Shy'Rotam from a mere kitten (she hit 61 last night!). Finally, Peregrine is around 52, 53, and groups with a rogue and warlock. Can you say MASSIVE DPS?

So no, you can't have too many hunters! (I still intend to run Ramps with 5 hunters one day.)

klaki said...

Gratz on the new hunter. I have an alt of each class. I'm going to write a blog about this subject. It should be up today or tomorrow. I'm glad you're learning something new.