Sunday, December 30, 2007

And ding! 33

Klaki stopped in yesterday to wish me and wulfa a happy new year and a merry belated Christmas. I was so stunned it took me like 5 min to figure out where I knew the name from. I had to scan my entire guild list first :P.

Speaking of our guild things have livened up a bunch recently. I had started a practice of congratulating people who I recognize if their level was greater than the level I saw them last at. But Saturday R----- and I spent the whole morning chatting, and now we are both trying to help Beowulfa level her LW. She is at 228 now and I'm trying to focus on doing quests that involve killing skinnables. R------ is also trying to get people to use his jewelry and stuff. So I volunteered my fingers.

I'm on a pvp server.. so I don't mind when the alliance come through and kill everything. Even when they kill of my quest mobs and my innkeeper and my flight master. But when Ally priests mindcontrol all of the city mobs and make them walk off the cliff and get bugged, so they won't go back to their starting points...... yeah that sucks and you suck and someone should please ban/gank/destroy you.

So once some kind GM comes back and removes my quest mobs from halfway down the cliff... or the server resets, and I turn in my 4 quests, then I'm finally done with 1k and I'm headed to Desolace.



klaki said...

Dammy! Gratz on 33! I was happy to see you online. I said hi to several of my fav bloggers that day. Some demon ponytailed ones didn't respond though :(

Anyway, I was thinking about lvling a toon on your server because I've never been on a PvP server before and since your servers time zone doesn't throw me for a loop, I was thinking of trying it.

My question is what class to play. I was thinking rogue so that I may gank Alliance noobs, but I wouldn't mind playing something else. Any suggestions on playing on a PvP server?

Dammerung said...

Well, not sure on classes. Pretty much any class can/will win if they attack first and are specced for pvp, and are competant.

Especially as you usually will be attacked when you are at 50% health and fighting an NPC mob.

I would either play a BE or run to the BE starting zone though. You make -so- much more money, the quests are more streamlined, and the gear is better.

1) You will die. Randomly. To skulls. If you have ever leveled an undead, imagine being level 10 and running into Son of Argus.
2) Places like the crossroads... sometimes have inkeepers... sometimes have tons of bodies.
3) If you see a green swirly trap thing. This is a snake trap(I think). Triggering it can possibly flag you. Please see #1.

If you really get into the PVP scene, read what Arene teams want:(hps/stmn/resiliance) You can't get their numbers until you hit arena...but you can get extra stmn gear and resistance gear at lower levels, which helps against people the same level as you.

95% of my pvp tips come from Renoobed and Megan(out of mana).

Ganking people is over-rated to me, but I'm really a soft hearted teddybear who helps alliance when no one is looking.

Ooh and I forgot: Ressing

Ressing an fellow hordie so that they don't have to run 5-10 min back... its nice and fun... and since you are already flagged(usually).....

klaki said...

Great tips! Thanks! I normally help people from the other side too, but since you are on a RPPVP server, I would like to play the part and be mean to all Alliance. I was thinking of creating either a BElf Rogue or Pally.

Like I said before, I've never been on a PVP server, so I don't understand when you say I will be flagged. I thought PvP server meant you were always flagged for PvP. Can you please explain?

Dammerung said...

You are not flagged in your capital city zones, or in the zones just outside of them(ie: Barrens/Silverpine). But once you hit the 20-30 zones: Stonetalon Mountain, Arathi Basin, Ashenvale, 1k needles... you are flagged automaticly.

And for 5 min after being flagged for any reason you stay flagged.(even in capital city zones.)

So once you are past 20... yer almost always flagged as you are not hanging out in the starter zones.

But I can sit in Crossroads, and I won't be flagged, even while 50 level 40 alliance characters are raining fire on the guards.

Dammerung said...

Also if you do start playing on our server send Dammerung a mail with yer name(if you do something other than klaki) and I'll try and help you get bags(you know 8-10 slotters).

klaki said...

I will definately do that! Thanks so much for clearing things up.