Sunday, March 9, 2008

This is a Dual Sunday post.

Slig said hi to us! Hi slig! Great name btw. Oh and I'm Alchemy 238 or some such... after 3 transmutes I've finally worked out that I can only do it once every 24 hrs. I thought maybe my iron bars were broken :p.

That was a joke... I'm an Orc not a Troll. It only took me 2 transmutes.

GD pointed me at a WoW insider post on lowbie mage gear and got me thinking about how badly I want a water elemental summoning Forsaken clothie! To go along with my NE or Troll hunter mans that I don't have yet. Why Frost? Well because fire is all burny. And I've always thought Ice was cool(in games...I hate the cold in RL). Also I want to make sheep.

If I was a shaman totem I would be a dustdevil(Earth/wind) totem. Earth because I'm easily entertained by basic things and I don't require much to keep me happy(much like a rock). Wind because I'm flighty and often skipping back and forth(like the wind). Also I don't like being wet(water) and I'm not a firey person I don't think(low on the passion scale).

Herself should be coming in here soon to finish this post. She doesn't know it yet though.

Umm ok. Herself is here. Very excited about being on a normal server. I won't get ganked anymore! I went to all the places I couldn't on Emerald Dream because of nasty alliance peoples. Soooo nice. I can actually track what I'm hunting and not have humanoid tracking on all the time (I hate being hit without at least seeing what's doing the hitting). But back to last evening when the transfer occurred.

First order of business: scan the AH. Did so, prices were similar except where someone jacked the prices for several items .... I expect it'll even out as I get more scans under my belt. It was rather jerking to see my tabard blank. Our guild on the other server had fizzled out. It was a casual thing to begin with ... bunch of dudes from Retromud playing together (Retro doesn't have any pictures and therefore was totally not interesting to me). They all left to join another guild. We were gonna leave them anyway. But it's happened. No guildies. No guild chat. No guild bank. -Sniff.- But I want to be very picky about what guild we join, and I'd kinda like to see what guild GD picks and follow her if possible ...(you have a posse GameDame! or is it entourage ...)

anyway. I likes Drenden. So if you have a toon there stop by and say hi. @ Ratshag: Infidelity is on our friends list so we'll send you a wave when you get on. @ Slig: soooo looking forward to having you help us do instances .... it'll be fun having a highbie help us out.

And Orclette has just escaped her safe playing area. Gotta run!


Tazbutane said...

Welcome to Drenden! I noticed a couple of really low items on the AH from Beowulfa and sent you mail in game about it. I have been reading this blog for a little while now, very enjoyable. Good luck with a guild, maybe you can start a horde AC.

Dammerung said...

Tazbutane hey boss who is your horde toon?

Dammerung can't friends "Tazbutane" because some horrible alliance person is named that :P.

Tazbutane said...

sorry dammerung, horde side characters are tazomi and nozomi. They are still low level, but I would be glad to hear from you.