Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Make me cry. Really. Putting them in instances guarantee's I won't come back. Scarlet Monastary Graveyard? I'll never see you again. Yer not worth it anymore. I mean... I used to think well hey that will be fun...but you have a ton of annoying non-elite mobs that die like paper. I might as well be farming on the world map solo(way more fun).

I feel the same way about the crocodiles and snakes in Wailing Caverns..... WHY ARE THEY THERE. Grr. I guess they exist to make area spells have a reason. Still... bleh.

I thouroghly enjoyed partying with slig last night. We were a cheerfully disorganized ball of frenzied steel, lightning and claws.

I was sad though that the instance was so much below us. I keep thinking of SM as this level 50 area and its only a level 30-40 area. Uldaman is the same but should be longer and I haven't seen it before....ever.

ZulFname looks like crazy fun. Mara looks tedious. Sunken Temple looks scary(thematicly). I plan on visiting all of these soon...very soon. I'm going to these places because I want to see the story and the environment. If I was wanting to be level 70 I would simply xp solo until level 65 or so and pug until 70.

I'm still curious why people do instances. I solo outdoors and avoid the things. I mean really the only reason I ever do instances is someone I know wants to party with me. So we do one about once a week.

Now that I'm getting my party fix with Pox I rarely have a reason to even LOOK at an instance. My shaman went once to WC, and then just now went to SM as a level 45 with a level 49 and level 61. Thats two instances in 45 levels. And I wouldn't have done that if we hadn't wanted to hang out with Slig for a night. Sure you get blues....but the blues are out dated by the end of the week..... We -wanted- to play with Slig, and instances were the best bet for us(elite mobs make parties fun). Also now that I've seen that no one puts my level gear on to market... I'm going to have to instance for -gear- ><.

UNLESS for some reason you are level 40-61 in which case no one ever puts any gear on auction that has any stat other than 'of the whale'.

Both Emerald Dream and Drenden on the Horde side are suffering from a HUGE lack of green agi/str gear. I'm wearing a level 34 chest piece and I can't find an upgrade until level 60+ when I search for mail chest gear. I search daily for mail gear by slot. I usually see 3 items total in the level 38-49 range and 2 of them are of the whale...the third is a 150-300g epic. This is true for helmets, shoulders, chest, axes, hammers.....

Do people just not sell gear at these levels? I'm mind boggled.

Well thats my daily rant. I know wulfa posted, but it was my turn :p.


Anonymous said...

I agree with the non-elite comment. There is no real reason for them to be in there beside just to be annoying. I have seen some instances where you are glad they are non-elites. Some pulls will have some elite, some non-elite. If they were all elite it would make things a bit chaotic.

The only reason I do instances is for quests. It gives you good xp and experience that is more vital end game. For example, I've known people who didn't know how to do the essential stuff because they never really did instances. Like chain trapping for instance. In normal questing, chain trapping isn't used very much. So in instances, its good practice.

Anonymous said...

So I'm confused... do you want to do instances? Or are you over them?

I agree that they've taken the teeth out of some of them by removing the elites. ZF was an SOB when I did it (too many wipes to count, and with a level 60 & 70 with us) and now it's almost soloable. Sunken Temple was still quite challenging, though, and the storyline was interesting.

Sorry if you guys felt like you needed to do an instance with Slig! I am perfectly happy to just help you with other quests or even leave you alone! =) I just had a lot of fun playing with you guys last night. You're good players and funny to boot.

Dammerung said...

Woah! Slow down brown cow-tauren-person!

I had -fun- last night. Fact.

I'm goal oriented. Fact.

I was surprised at your surprise last night that was had not done instances. My badly written post was me rambling.

In a gear/xp goal oriented way I find instances a waste of time. But I feel the same way about partying.

In a social/story oriented way I enjoy partying, and instances are where the stories are. Sunken Temple and ZF are deffinitely going to happen.

We didn't feel like we were required to do an instance with Slig.



Anonymous said...

Be prepared to spend quite some time in ST. It's a well made instance, but it's long! ZF ain't too bad. I enjoy that one.

Stale said...

I do instances to test my skills. I feel I succeed if I tank and no-body dies, if I heal and the tank doesn't die unless i'm dead first, if I dps I like to be up the top... Or I know I have done my best loosing only to a rogue or characters higher.

If I wanted to lvl quick, I could solo and get to 70 quick as... But without parties, I get bored easily... Thats why I love Ventrilo and groups :)

Dinaer said...

I like instances because they have a goal. When you finish one it gives a sense of completion, and having accomplished something.

Grinding is endless and often pointless. Questing is nice, but each quest leads to another, and another...

Instances have a beginning, middle, and an end with a bad guy that must be defeated. Its like watching a movie that you control. Its the most fun part of the game, IMO.

Beowulfa said...



Don't listen to whatever it was Dammy said in his ramblings ......

Anonymous said...

Oh no, I didn't take any of it personally. I know know you love Slig! Everyone loves Slig! He's like Norm on "Cheers"... hee hee. I like what Dinaer said about instances, stories, whatnot. It does feel good to kick the boss's butt-tocks and dance on his bones. Especially when it's one of those ginormous ones that shake your computer when they fall down. Heh. All good, orc peeps...

Ratshag said...

ZF is way cool crazy fun, even when yer a well-geared 70. And you get a carrot-on-a-stick! Still useful at 70! woot!

The other instances between SM and Outland is worth doing for the funs, some anyway, but is entirely optional. Limited use fer leveling.

Me personal opinion is it be important to understand the concepts of yer role in a 5-man, but the details change a lot as you level. So if you don't do many 'til yer in yer 60s, you aren't missing much learning-wise. Others may disagree, though.

And you'll be back to the SM Graveyard. Next Hallow's End the Horseman will ride again, and that be a way wicked cool fight. (By that time the elites and non-elites will be equally impotent)

Daxenos said...

I love instances for the teamwork that they require. With 2 holy priests, I get more than my share of instances, but lately, I've really enjoyed getting my hunter into end game instances.

Different role, different toon, and a whole lotta fun! And phat lewt, sometimes...

Anonymous said...

Having a carrot-on-a-stick at 70 is like being rich and driving a 1980s Yugo. You might have the nostalgic thing going on, but you needz that Bentley. At 70, a Riding Crop is the must have in mount speed improvements.

Ratshag said...

@Klaki - You's right, the carrot on a stick is totally outclassed by the riding crop. But, unlike most dungeon drops/rewards, it'll be useful fer a good 20 seasons or so, and even then you'll keep it until you've got 100-150g to get the crop.