Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I gots to sleep in!

It almost never happens. Even when Orclette wasn't here to wake me up by patting my face I couldn't sleep in. Holidays were too exciting to waste any of it with unnecessary sleeping. Saturdays and Sundays, well, I work retail. Nuff said. Anyway. We owned SM last night with Slig the handsome tauren. Great fun. And since we had stayed up a bit later than usual for me I wasn't planning on getting up at 4:45 am. So when that alarm went off I turned it off and fell back into blissful slumber. Only to be woken up by Dammy's panicked shout of ""It's almost 8!" So a very fast awakening and off to drive him to work. But ... I gots to sleep in!

Back to SM. Parts of it required tiptoeing around the dude that brings all his buddies when you aggro him but the rest of it wasn't a match for our combined awesomeness. And I think Dammy was getting a bit of xp (woot! for being lvl 45 ....) I'm not quite sure what lvl Uldaman is but I'm looking forward to it-I like doing instances. And I like doing instances with new people, and not just various brothers-in-law. And have I told you yet? I'm sooo close to getting The Beast Within. Totally looking forward to it. Have been salivating over it, in fact. Ooh, and I found an awesome 2-hander swordie-thing with 22 agility on it ... very good for my lvl. There's nothing on the AH armor-wise until we get to 60. Is this true on other servers as well?

I'm rambling. Go read Pike's post (Dammy please link it 'cause I don't know how-computer noob!). Everything she says is true. My fave was the mining and herb comment ... I have done that every time I don't have a hunter.

I'm out of rambles.

FOR ORCLETTE! (dangnabbit, Orclette, put that rattle away .......)

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Lazz said...

One weapon I always love to pick up for my hunter is the Hunting Spear (a quest reward for the Green Drake chain in Sunken Temple). That's late 40s.