Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Requesting input.

Here is a group setup scenario:

My youngest brother has started playing again. He badly wants to party with us. He plays alliance and has about 700g to freely spend on gear and bags and enchants and food for us... so we could focus on leveling up. He has requested we create alts to play with him, and has gone so far as to buy us all 16 slot soulbound bags to start with. The current party set up is as follows:

Human/Dwarf Protection Paladin (Youngest brother)
Night Elf Resto Druid (wulfa)
Night Elf Hunter (Raaksi)

You can only add one more person, what would you add? Knowing of course that Dwarves are ugly and humans are ugly.

I've narrowed my choices to Night Elf Shadow priest(I want to be the same race as wulfa) and Drenai mage(gnomes are -almost- ugly). Ugly being the point where a race is no longer playable.


Nibuca said...

Race-wise I'd suggest gnome (good for RP) or Draenei (prettiest race in the alliance if I do say so myself).

Class-wise I'd suggest probably a mage for sheeping and water/biscuits.

Play-wise I'd suggest a warlock because they're damn fun.

Blog-wise I'd ask what you're thinking in rolling Ally. :)


Trollin' said...

Draenei Shadow Priest. weeeee mana.

Plus Draenei are hawt. ;p

Ess said...

If it were me, I'd go with Draenei, partly because they're so pretty and partly because I like their starting area better than that of the Night Elves. I'm with Nibuca on the mage thing, too -- water, biscuits, and sheep ftw!

Lazz said...

Bah! Ess and Nibuca beat me to the punch. So far, you've got three mana chuggin' classes, so you've got to bring in a Vending Machine. Not only that, but once you hit 40 you can port your group mates around to major cities and save on travel time.

As for race, I'd have to go for gnome. Increased Int, Escape Artist, and they make all the girls go "Awwwwwww".

Ferrusmanus said...

Draenei Mage.
More CC, caster DPS, conjured food and water, portals... The list just goes on.

Prot Pally (Bronzebeard)

Anonymous said...

Okay I'm gonna assume all this "Draenei are pretty" nonsense is about the females because, please dudes, the males are about as gewfy as it gets. Am I right, girls??

Ess said...

Heheh, I'm certainly talking about the female Draenei. :)

Anonymous said...

Mages are awesome util classes. They make food and water for everyone. They port people to places. They have great DPS. They also have great CC (however with a Prot Pally, you won't be sheeping as much as you normally would).