Saturday, March 15, 2008

I got chocolate on my pants

And It makes me sad. The chocolate on my pants. Although I don't know if you can really call it chocolate since it came off of a Snicker's Marathon bar. You know, the healthy bar. At least that's what they say.

And I choose to believe them.

So today a song came on the radio. It's catchy, electronicky, and the girl's voice is a bit gravilly. I like it. But I already know that my taste in music is not sophisticated. My brother has been telling me that for years. And I'm going off on a rabbit trail ..... what surprised me was that Dammy liked it. And started singing it. And decided he had to figure out what the lyrics really were. So he googled it. And I hear him say, in a horrified voice, "It's sung by Hannah Montana!" ROFL. It must be mocked. Join me in lovingly mocking him.

My funny story from the bookstore today ties in with yesterday's post. You know, the gross stuff that makes my stomach take a tumble. A customer came up and said she had ordered a book. Orders come with slips of paper on them. It's important that you know that. I started to unwrap the book to show her the book and make sure it was what she wanted (you never read aloud the title of the book. People have all sorts of strange tastes. Just better not to vocalize anything). I realized what it was, fortunately, before I had finished the unwrapping. 30 Days of Night. The graphic novel. Which looks totally worse than the movie. So I exclaimed in a horrified voice "30 Days of Night! I'm sorry I can't look at the cover!" Customer looks at me in an odd way but says nothing. I ring her up without looking at the cover and carefully put the book safe inside a bag (again, without looking at it). Customer begins looking like she thinks I've completely lost my marbles. Customer finally walks away and I can laugh at myself. that's my funny story.

Matticus interviewed TJ the other day. Can't remember the exact question but TJ started talking about what she likes in a blog. Basically she likes them to present material in a different way, to put a different spin on things. Not that the many great blogs out there aren't doing that. The example she used was when a new patch would come out and for the next few days that's what people talked about. Without much variation. Again, not to say that the writeups were bad. And let me also insert that I'm paraphrasing TJ rather badly (don't hurt me!?). all this to say: what makes us at 2.5 orcs different? Dammy can do technical. I faithfully read his posts about mathy, technical stuff and it promptly runs out again. Didn't like the territory I suppose. And he does controversial things like call TJ an icky. Me, I like to think I make people laugh. I certainly make myself laugh. Occasionally this happens when I'm shelving books or straightening. That gets you strange looks. And also I bring the perspective of a person who doesn't come from a gaming background and was suckered into playing WOW. A person who used a certain inflection in her voice when she referred to "gamers". A person who knows squat about computering and gets all the gaming terms mixed up. A person who's favorite word is "whatchamacallit." And "thingy." (that's actually not true. I like lot's of different words. And if anybody tells you they saw me reading a dictionary for fun they're lying.) So here's a question for you faithful readers who also blog. What makes you different? What do you bring to the WOW bloggosphere? Other than being your fabulous self, of course.

that's it for me. talk at you guys later.



N. E. Miller said...

Maybe I bring a strong sense of what it's like to love WoW and still suck at it? I don't know -- but it's an important question for all of us to ask ourselves, I suppose.

Although on the other hand I'm not sure that all of my posts are for an audience outside myself. There are certainly a lot of posts I write to record my thoughts and memories as well.

Regardless, as a family man I love reading your blog, and think you guys do a great job. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

You gotta get that stain stick so you can put the stain sealer on the chocolate right away (even while wearing it). It works great!

You pose a great question and now you've got me thinking. I'm not exactly sure what I bring to the whole blogging party. (Which might explain my absence from TJ's blogroll - ha!) Now I'm all insecure and some junk.

I had started the blog to post a woman's take on video gaming today, but then I saw a lot of people already doing that and I didn't know how much more I'd add to the party. Then I realized that I was writing a lot about WoW and there weren't many shaman blogs at the time. Still, I don't think mine is unique in any way. Lots of people are funnier or more accurate or more masterful at playing the class. As I said, you got me thinking...

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad Dammy about liking that Hanna Montana song. The music business likes creating catchy beats and putting crappy lyrics to them. Thats the thing about catchy beats, no matter matter how crappy the lyrics are, you'll still enjoy and sing them. The singer doesn't even have to sound good doing it. Thats the reason r&b/rap is so popular.

Dammerung said...

@Klaki Thing is... the unknown artist was -amazing- and exactly what I wanted to listen to. I was planning on BUYING a CD(huge step for me). And now.... I know that its Hanna Montana. I'm not sure my Orc-Man pride can handle owning a Hanna Montana CD.

@GD I have it on good authority that TDP hasn't updated her blogroll in ages because she's busy thinking I'm wrong about bread-side condiments

@N.E. I agree that asking yourself what you bring is an important question. I'm mostly replying to you because I liked your comment and as you can see have very little idea of what I should reply about. As Dammerung I have no clue what I bring other than the occasional(1 per 2 months) funny article tying babies and WoW together.

Anonymous said...

Its ok Dammy, I'm sure my 10 yr old cousin will still think you are cool :)

Kestrel said...

Poor Dammy...gotta get in touch with your inner Blood Elf, my friend. ;)

Wulfa, I like "For Chocolate!" a whole lot better than "For the Horde!" ;)

So to your question: What makes my blog different/special? Well, how many are written by a bird of prey?

Seriously, though, when I started blogging, I read BRK, Egotistical Priest, Priestly Endeavors, then Mania's Arcania, Matticus, and Resto4Life. All of those are pretty deep, and all can get into some fairly heavy theorycrafting (Ego will deny that, but that's okay). ;)

So as one of your "dedicated" but not "hard-core" gamers, I thought I could bring a different perspective: That of a "casual" gamer. I've since learned (a) there are no "casual" gamers. There are dedicated, and not-as-dedicated; (b) I was, to be kind to myself, naive: There are PLENTY of blogs out there for the dedicated/casual gamer, and more coming all the time (such as 2.5 Orcs).

So now, I simply blog for my own enjoyment, and feel especially gratified when someone else actually enjoys my ramblings.

Matticus said...

Just be yourself. It's all anyone can ask for and all anyone expects. If you want to be a Shammy blogger, then be the best damned womanly Shaman blogger in the world. Don't ever be afraid of hitting the publish button. If you have an idea, run with it. Don't suppress or restrict it. Bloggers that don't blog aren't bloggers is what I say =).