Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Auction House Expert

Or, should I say, AH flipping expert. Why am I so excited? An item I bought for 5 gold sold for 17. 12 gold profit!

Now, some of you higher-lvl peoples are laughing at me right now. You probably make 12 gold selling the junk that drops off of your lvl mobs (do they drop junk? you see, I've never been there ...). I'm still excited. I love seeing the amount of gold we have increase, and then increase some more, and then more .... and I hate spending it. Dammy has to beg, plead, then resort to prostitution to make me part with any monies whatsoever (well, I guess it isn't really prostitution, but more like a favor)[more like selling your body and mind for enough silver to repair]. And that's why I'm in charge of our WOW finances. His characters are always broke. And might I add that we are both excellently geared and our professions are leveled quite nicely. And we're sitting on top of 400 gold and counting (we're levels 49 and 45). So we'll be in good shape for our pretty new mounts at lvl 60. How I wish real-life finances worked that way. I'm in charge of them, too. Dammy could do it, but he likes to round up amounts. This drives me nuts. I like to write down the exact amount, including the pennies. I like to take a month's sample of his paycheck then get the median amount (is that right? median? it's been awhile since I last had to know the correct terminology and not just say thingy, or whatchamacallit, etc.). Dammy spouts out a conservative amount that's below what we could reasonably expect to get, just to be safe. So anyway, I do it. 'Cause I'm closer to that type A personality and whatnot. And my dad's an engineer and he's very precise about everything. And I really, really, really like being in charge of the money. Ebeneezer Scrooge and I are not related, by the way (but we could be really good friends).

Anways. Dammy's alarm is about to go off and wake both man and child from very sound slumbers. I must go and rescue them.

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