Thursday, March 13, 2008

Goodbye RFC.

We're done with RFC now. No more. Kapoooshksks! Finished!

Last night, I silly pulled and we still easily killed everything. I need to watch the silly-pulling though... just because an area is easy doesn't mean it won't/can't kill you.

Much like the other two poxes currently running(black is getting up steam), we're prepping for WC. We ran the oasis quests and Trif's Druid Poison thingy quest. It is mind boggling how easy these mobs(normal level 15-18) seem after RFC.

Next wednesday, I think we'll finish up Abuto's rogue quest, finish killing the turtles for the RFC quest and then visit WC to get the two quests at the entrance and start getting a feel for the area. If this happens fast enough we should be able to try and take down Lady Anaconda.

The huge number of mobs that sleep you in WC worries me a lot. We have a shaman for Tremor totem but he currently uses earth totems to help mitigate damage... adjusting will be interesting. However I have swipe now so holding agro on 4+ mobs will be a LOT easier.

Hmm can priests remove sleep? That might be the way to go.

Well I'm done for now...Wulfa should be posting more later.

An addendum:
Wara(I think) posted a list of gear she is looking forwards to from WC.
Here is my list:
[Glowing Lizardscale Cloak] Skum
20 Armor+6 Agility +2 Stamina

[Serpents Shoulders] Lady Anacondra
59 Armor+9 Agility

[Armor of the Fang] Lord Pythas
82 Armor+8 Strength +8 Stamina

[Gloves of the Fang]
52 Armor+5 Strength +6 Agility

[Belt of the Fang] Lady Anacondra
49 Armor+5 Agility +6 Stamina
[Deviate Scale Belt](from recipe)(quest)
51 Armor+6 Stamina +5 Agility +3 Spirit

Legs:[Leggings of the Fang] Lord Cobrahn
79 Armor+5 Strength +9 Agility+4 Stamina

Feet: [Footpads of the Fang]
62 Armor+6 Agility +6 Stamina

All of these items and the rest of the blue boss drops are listed here:

Wulfa here. Stop the presses!

So I wasn't too excited about going into RFC again last night BUT I have a lot of fun playing with Abuto and Elips (I play with dammy and brother all the time so they don't count). We easily destroyed the denizons of RFC and started doing the prerequisite's for WC. I'm looking forward to that-I've never been through the WC at a lvl that the gear would actually benefit me. Since I don't do research like Dammy does I don't know what could drop for a shadow priestie. Hopefully he'll be a nice orc and look that up for me?

There was something that happened last night that has had repercussionsthat will stretch into the far future. Let me backtrack a bit. While I was pregnant with Orclette I COULD NOT go near chicken. I could not smell it, I couldn't see it. I avoided other meats as well (except for hamburgers-those I still liked). It took a while for me to approach chicken again after she was born. And I still ask Dammy to do any gross stuff. Anyway, Elips started talking about scratching his head and stuff falling off (or maybe it was Rabbit? I tried to block this out ...) and then it devolved into grosser and grosser stuff, ending with green stuff that looked like guacamole coming out of various holes. Wulfa retched in-game. My stomach was turning in RL. I wish it hadn't-Elips was actually being pretty funny. I just couldn't stomach it. Anyway, today was shopping day. Orclette and I were having fun in Walmart, she was entertaining everybody by doing her voice impressions, and we were almost done. I'm trying out new crockpot recipes and I need a chuck roast. So I wander over to that section, finally find things that say chuck roast on them, and start trying to figure out which one I need. One looked promising until I read (and this is loosely quoted:)

"Garlic/herbs inserted into slits to make meat taste better." Slits. Like eye-slits. Stomach reacted violently. I put that one down and moved on to the next hopeful. No mention of slits BUT it looked like something out of a horror movie. Like ribs freshly aired. With bright red blood dripping off of it ..... because it was cheaper I bought that one but tried to avoid looking at it. And Dammy will have browning duty cause I can't look at it again. For that matter Dammy will have all meat-shopping/buying rights in the future. I just can't do it. And it all started with the mention of guacamole and an undead warlock in the same sentence ......

Anyway. Abuto and Elips are awesome fun (again, hubby and brother don't count ....). (Hopefully) Next week WC! Lady Anacondra is goin' down!



Daxenos said...

Priests can remove the sleep in WC, however, I'm not sure if we have the spell already. Dispel Magic is what is used, and I'm not sure when we get it.

Might make the next couple of levels interesting in Wailing


Rabbit Stew said... yes...that was Elips and I hamming it up undead style. I thought your in-game retch was not literal. I feel the guilt...I feel it bad.

I'll try to make sure my little undead mage is all neat and tidy when you see her.

gamedame said...

Oh geez, I didn't realize you were really upset about it! I thought you were roleplaying being a blood elf. I'm so sorry! Next time, whisper me and I'll help out, k?

Dammerung said...

@ gamedame and rabbit: THANK YOU for your concern. And I don't want you to feel bad .... if you could've heard my voice (and one of these days that will happen) you would have been able to tell that while my stomach was really doing flipflops I wasn't upset or any of those non-happy emotes ..... anyway. I know how you undead types get and I don't want you to cramp your style 'cause of me (although maybe no worm, guacamole, or pieces of brain falling out comments ...) and of course trolls are, well, trolls. You just gotta love 'em. This was a long reply .. and btw it's wulfa not dammy. 'cause I don't feel energetic enough to change accounts .....