Wednesday, August 27, 2008

White screen of doom?

My dearest Macbook died yesterday. Everytime it starts up it can't find some key file. So all you see is a solid white screen and a flashing folder icon with a question mark. I called the local Mac service store and they said it was most likely a failed hard drive but to try re-installing the OS incase that was somehow the problem. The actual tech didn't think that would be of any help at all. Regardless I plan to try that when I get home. If it doesn't work, and I don't think it will, then I will be taking the machine to the shop on Monday the 8th to get it looked at. At least my parents bought the three year warranty before I purchased the thing from them.

Until then don't expect much in the way of Wulfa daily posts or Wulfa playing WoW while I'm at work. Orclette doesn't handle anyone being on the other computer well. And desktop PC's are hard to play from your bed while Orclette is napping. Maybe just maybe wulfa will be able to borrow Moon's laptop.

Also, in the news. We've decided on moving up the departure date from November to October. We're double checking with my parents to make sure coming early won't be a bad thing but we wanted to be hireable for -all- of the retail holidays not just the 2nd half. We think this will greatly increase our odds of getting jobs fast once we get down there. I'm hoping financial aid will come through and I will only be working over the holidays but we'll see.

According to our eye doctor BCBS of Texas hasn't been paying out their claims. So we have to pay everything up front and request reimbursment from our health insurance provider. This is full of sucky.

I won't be playing WoW at all until Friday night late due to the Macbook thing. Maybe I'll catch up on a few Eureka and Total Drama Island.

Speaking of Eureka, is it Irony when you suddenly have an inspiration and realize that the word you are trying to read on a poorly written sign is "Eureka!" not "Eurokay"? I think it is but am not certain.

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