Thursday, August 28, 2008


Thoughts thoughts thoughts.

I'm trying hard to drop Dampanza the elf. Dreanai and Orcs are both from Outlands, so Dreanai are practically Orcs.

That small twisted reasoning aside:

I read a small wrath spoiler that has me chomping at the bits to be an Orc again. But I'm pondering a few different things.

The new playstyle that the wrath talents seem to suggest, when added with sharing itemization with hunters, drives me away from wanting to play a shaman. Instead I find myself thinking... what if Dammerung the Orc Shaman, found his way to outlands, got corrupted and then breaks free and is a Death Knight?

Not sure how I feel about that.

I love my warrior and am taking the time to read up on warrior dps and try and figure out who he is. So far here is what I have:

Dumas is a very studious kind of toon. He's the guy in the library writing the journal stuff. But no frippery introspective journalling. Here is an example:

Darkshire is surprisingly warm for a shaded forest. The mongrel wolves here have no fear of the speaking races and attack at any opportunity. I am forced to find uses for their bones due to the number that have attacked me. Too bad I smashed their skulls, I might have been able to make a bowl or two for stew instead of jerky. The local chief is going to show me a few new ways to cook them that he knows. He also suggests I collect spider legs. Apparently they are good eating. Humans are so keen on eating so many odd things. I wonder if they never heard of peanut butter. Maybe if I smashed a few of their skulls they would not feel the urge to try and eat everything.

Dammerung(the orc) however.... he doesn't keep a journal so I cannot share with you.

Hey Herk, what is the "31/30" build? Also can you gimme a post comparing leveling Arms with Fury? In your words. Not linking to someone else.(this goes for any other warriors that are reading).

I'm not wanting to know more effecient or faster. I'm wanting to see how people 'felt' about the difference and what singular talents they love so much that they'd rather do one over the other.

Right now all I've got to go on is squeekie priesties tell back ages ago when I first met her which describes fury warrior as a rogue in plate. Which... now that I'm leveling with two 1handers is surprisingly accurate.

Looking forwards to Zerker stance and my new awesome 2hander. Still debating axe over sword. Sure axe will have bigger crits but swords will have a chance to swing twice.

Thats all for now.

I'm asking for impressions so I have fun stuff to read that I haven't read before. I don't want anyone to think that I'm blowing off the helpful links you gave me a couple of weeks ago.


Nasirah said...

You know, Ratshag is an orc, and yet he disguises himself as a dwarf, and sometimes a draenei (if I'm recalling the cast of characters correctly). If you want to play that your draenei is really an orc, or maybe was brought up by orcs on Draenor, or . . . whatever. It's fine by me.

jdj builders, inc. said...
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Anonymous said...

I leveled Phinny as mostly arms and like 10 into fury for a very long time. The whole main starting out build was arms and the remainder is when I started into Fury.

I made the switch to fury at around 56 or 57? Phonn switched me since I had some nice duel wielding weapons on hand...

I wrote a post about it I think (almost positive). I did miss certain spells of course since I was always in Berserker stance from that point on.

I gotta tell ya though, I really loved the switch for dps/leveling.

My true love though...Protection. I love being a protection warrior...more than any other spec or class I'd say. However, I always have a shaman helping with the dps part, so questing and leveling is not hampered by my spec.

I loved Fury though...there's a great rotation that I was doing (again, I think I talked about it in that post).

~One Among Many~
(not logged in atm hehe)

Raynmaker (Uther), Thrillah (Kil'Jaeden) said...

I'm leveling an orc warrior right now (up to 43 right now).
I started out with fury, picked up my Whirlwind axe at lvl 30 with the help of my 47 druid, and respeced arms.
Most people will tell you to level fury until you get to lvl 40 and then respec arms. Right now though, I wish I'd been arms right from the start.

Battle Stance vs. Zerker - I LOVE being able to charge without having to use rage (zerker stance intercept requires 10 rage). It really seems unwarrior like to not charge into battle... though sometimes for living's sake I'll body pull or shoot to pull instead of charging, but I don't like it.
Zerker has a lot more damage but I actually like Battle stance better overall - hamstring is wonderful for those pesky runners.

My main rotation right now depends on how many mobs I'm fighting. I'm leveling with a friend (enhancement shaman), and sometimes I'll use bezerker stance and just spam whirlwind when the CD is up, and spam cleave. But, when I'm in battle stance (which is most of the time unless we're instancing) - I use heroic strike some but I mostly wait for the mob to dodge so I can use devestate (I think that's the attack), I spam cleave for multiple mobs.

I just enjoy the big 2H weapons... I'm using a polearm now actually. I enjoy charging into battle. Arms is the way for me because it's what I think of when I think "WARRIOR".

Though, I am going to spec into protection once I hit outlands because I do think that screams warrior as well. Fury to me... dual-wielding 1Hs... just doesn't seem warrior like. I understand the "fury" part of fury warrior - fast and quick attacks, pummelling and slamming and sweeping strikes (I did use slam and SS in my rotation in the 20s and early 30s).