Friday, August 29, 2008

Warrior skills and the ones I use and what I think about them.

The skills I use when smashing skulls are:

Thunder Clap
Heroic Strike
Sunder Armor
Battle Shout

There are plenty of other skills available to warriors at this point but to be honest... I dont' use them or care about them.

Everything I had seen before getting this skill sung its praises. I'm highly disapointed. Right now I often can't even get it off because my next blow kills whatever I'm fighting. I lose all my rage and can't use it on the next fight or to recast Battleshout. I used it in my rotation last night but I think I won't be using it at all tonight.

Now...this I can totally get behind. This is an awesomely awesome skill. I use it whenever I can and other Sidhe Devils can attest I'm constaintly complaining that mobs don't dodge enough.

Thunder Clap.
Dood it makes cracks in the ground and looks totally awesome. I'm sure it helps my survivability but I use it because it looks cool. And WOW does it look cool. Also it kills those worms that popup when you kill certain ghouls in Darkshire.

Heroic Strike.
I love Heroic strike. I love how it works and I'm sad that it causes threat. I'm sure there are prot warriors who are glad that it does...I'm not prot though so I'm sad. Otherwise awesome. I always have too much rage. Except when I don't have enough.

Sunder Armor
I use this on and off. I wish I could just save up the rage and instantly 5 stack with one button press. That would be amazing. I wish it made me miss less or made mobs dodge more.

Heaven in pure every 30 min form. Freakin awesome. Nothing much to say otherwise. The swords in the animation distract me....wish they weren't there.

I cannot use this often enough. If I had the hunter backflip out of combat I would do nothing but backflip charge backflip charge backflip charge. Nothing would ever die but I wouldn't be happier.

Battle Shout
It goes down so fast. I cry. I always forget to check if its up and wonder why this mob is taking so long to kill.

Anyways...thats my thoughts on all of this.


ArmsandFury said...

Sounds like you are still under level 30.

Sunder armor is not really all that great for solo play through quests. However, do not underestimate its uses in PvP.

You will love Sweeping Strikes if you stay arms!

Are you on a PvP server or a PvE with the warrior?

Dammerung said...

Yeah do to mac death my leveling stalled hardcore this week. Level 25 currently.

Very ashamed of slow leveling after how fast I got to 20. I plan to be 30 by monday.

PVE Kael'thas. Alliance side.

OOoo sunder pvp.. stack em up and sic the rogues/hunters.

Dammerung said...

(and enh shammy/paladins/feral druids :P)

Thirllah (Kil'Jaeden) said...

AHhhhhhh... Overpower is what I meant in my comment on the previous post, not devestate (wtf was I thinking?).

We'll see how you like Bezerker stance when you get it at 30, but I definitely prefer Battle Stance.

Arms and Fury will definitely have a much better opinion of how to play than me though. Speaking of... isn't Sweeping Strikes in the Fury tree, A&F?

What race did you pick for warrior dam? My guess would be dwarf.

Capn John said...

Sunder Armor can be useful when soloing if you want to lower your Target's Armor, but also during Escort quests when you need to pull Aggro off the NPC to keep them alive.

Stupid Escort NPCs seem to enjoy aggroing every nearby Mob.

ArmsandFury said...

Yes, Sweeping is in the Fury tree now. But it will change back to Arms with the new talent updates I hear.

Since you are PvE Dam, you can really go fury once you hit Dual Wield and rock some DPS. Remember you scale with gear unlike getting a new spell with higher dmg.

If you stay Arms after Sweeping is changed back... you want to get a nice slow 2H with the highest low base dmg.

For grinding arms... you want to hit 2-3 mobs (4 if you can hack it) and charge, activate SStikes and switch to zerker for WW and instead of Heroic you are gonna tap cleave for the rage dump.

Attacking 2-3 ensures you will have enough rage to use your abilities everytime the cooldown is up.

There are more tricks for Arms grinding but I need time to write em.

Dammerung said...

Well, I'm debating going arms at 30 once I get my sword or axe but improved slam tempts me.

I'm hoping to be 60 before patch 3.0.....we'll see how that goes.

I have the threeday weekend coming up but I'm on call so we'll see how much progress I actually make.

Dammerung said...

Forgot to mention:

@Thirllah Draenai. I tried dwarf. It didn't work.

Grai's Gang said...

Damm I leveled Fal to 70 as arms and loved it. Grai spoiled him terrible with getting him Khan so I had a constent bleed deep wounds and the occasional proc. Overpower is great in pve or PvP is where it trully shines rogue killer. Been so long since ive been arms and with changes dont remember whats where. I did try berseker early on and didnt find the ease that i did in arms. Big slow 2 handers are definetly the weapon of choice in arms tho