Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I don't like Tuesdays

It's maintenance day, which means it's "I no longer have any excuse I HAVE to clean my house" day. It also means that when I woke up this morning and thought "we could mebbe hit 38 today on Beo" I was horribly crushed when I remembered I couldn't do my usual hour of playing in the wee a.m.

Beowulfa is lvl 36. Her enchanting is at 277 so she can DE most of the stuff the big kids get in Outlands (finally!). Her tailoring is still at 225 .... Wulfa spend a pretty penny on Beo's enchanting, and she doesn't feel like doing dailies right now, so money conservation ftw ......

Did I mention that my lovely Smorgasbord macro increased my DPS?! Completely made my night last Thursday when we cleared the first half of Kara. Wulfa got jealous when she watched the Onyxia fight over Moon's shoulder ... it just looked freakin awesome. I don't see having time to do all the attunement stuff tho ... and Damm's on call this weekend anyway. Blargh.

We might be moving up (or is it moving back? I can never figure that one out) our move date. It occurred to me that transferring stores in the middle of December was probably NOT the best time, and it is imperative that at least one of us have a job when we move. Our lease is up in October-we had gotten an ok on extending our lease but leaving Oct. 31 shouldn't be a problem. And so if we do move earlier (I need to call my boss and get the transferring talks started) I have 1 month less to procrastinate. I have to start sending my books to NM. I will have to say goodbye to some furniture. I will have to find a place to dump my furniture-preferably sell it but I'm sooo not having a garage sale. And my boys (i.e. Damm and Moon) are not the most self-motivated people so I'll be making sure everything they need to do gets done ... actually Moon gets stuff done he just doesn't do it when I think it needs to be done, and that's distressing :D

I WANT TO RUN A MARATHON! There was a half-marathon I was planning on doing in November but if we move early no-can-do. I'm going to have to find another race because having that specific race in mind sparks the training, makes the extra effort worth it.

My scale has betrayed me. For no reason I can think of the numbers have increased to above the pre-diet numbers ..... I threw my old scale out and bought a new one but it doesn't love me either. Am considering ditching the diet and returning to my calorie-counting ways. It also occurs to me that my body may be resisting weight loss because I'm still Orclette's primary food source and the poundage I want to see gone is probably considered by my body to be its final reserves ... I don't know.

Time to lift weights and end the rambling catch-up :D

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