Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain picked Palin to be VP.

I'm actually excited about this pick. I love the fact that she's hardcore pro-life. I love the fact that she has an amazing track record of anti-corruption. Below is a positive bio.

Currently there only seems to be two kinds of articles about this pick. One is EXTREMELY negative, saying she has no experience and she is just a trick-pick to try and capture women voters, and things of that nature. The others are EXTREMELY positive and glowing.

For myself, the second I started reading about her track record I got excited and wanted to run out and vote immediately(knee-jerk response). Sure she doesn't have much experience but what she has done with the little she has seems to be -far- more than has been done by anyone else.

We'll see how this turns out, but this is the first time I've been really excited about a republican candidate....ever I think.


ArmsandFury said...

I think it was an amazing choice... now we have a really good 2v2 going on!

Leiandra said...

She also plays Wow. That's right. You heard it here first.

Okay, I completely made that up. :)

joe said...

First gamer person I've seen to point out something other than the fact that she's hot.

Anonymous said...

McCain just gave up the race imo

klaki said...

not a big McCain fan, but if Obama wins, I just might move to Canada.

Ratshag said...

It's hard to remember after 16 years of Gore and Cheney, who both had leadership roles in their administrations, but the VP's job has traditionally been to look good at state funerals, and not say anything embarrassing. I think McCain's choice signals an intention to return to this tradition.

She's clearly bright and passionate about what she believes in, but is she prepared for politics on a stage other than Alaska's, which despite looking big on a map is actually a very tiny state? Maybe, but there's nothing in her record (unlike Obama's) that indicates a strong knowledge or understanding of the world at large. If McCain stays healthy it won't matter, but the two oldest presidents so far (Eisenhower and Reagan) were both broken men by the ends of their second terms, with their responsibilities taken over by subordinates. McCain is even older.

Jack said...

DU ( sums it up nicely.

By putting a woman on the presidential ticket, John McCain has truly made history. Or at least, he would have if the Democrats hadn't already beaten him to it by almost a quarter of a century.

But never mind that. Apparently John McCain is under the impression that former supporters of Hillary Clinton were more concerned with Clinton's vagina than with her experience and qualifications. "Oh well," he imagines them thinking, "I guess if we can't have the Yale-educated U.S. Senator whose truly groundbreaking presidential campaign has changed the way this country thinks about female politicians, we can at least have a former TV sports reporter who was mayor of a fishing village in Alaska."

But my favorite comment is from the guy who makes the Get Your War On comics (

Palin: It wasn’t tactical.

Enough with the analyses and assumptions of “electoral tactics” playing a role in John McCain’s vice-presidential pick.

John McCain said he would pick the most qualified candidate for the job of vice-president.

John McCain picked Sarah Palin.


Because John McCain believes Sarah Palin is the most qualified person in America for the job of vice-president.

Stop overanalyzing it.

The End.

Anonymous said...

I... I... I'm flabbergasted that she could be heartbeat away and McCain's a geezer. I didn't really have much against him (other than his love for Bush) until now. As it is, I'll be terrified on a daily basis if he gets elected, hoping his health holds. Nobody EVER EVER talk about Obama's "inexperience" with Palin on the ticket. And every "evangelical" I know of has underage children with babies out of wedlock. Two of my cousins with holy-roller parents had babies before 16.