Tuesday, April 1, 2008

blah blah oops

So I've been horrible and this post is majorly late. But I was very busy last night and this morning.

Last night I had to save a Russian Informant from certain doom as a member of the SIS, also I was busy helping my new friend Kolgan, Kelgan, Kelgor or something like that kill horrible canabalistic trolls. Two enh shaman dual critting on Windfuries at the same time is a wonderful thing.

I haven't had a chance to really play with Shamanistic Rage but I imagine it is also lovely. Too bad though. Once I hit outlands I'm collecting Int/healing/crit/stm gear for battleground healings. I've found that I instinctually think in terms of healing first damage second in PvP as a shaman. Can you get your gear enchanted for shadow resistance? I'm just curious.

I wanted to go more into detail into this idea but I don't see having the time this week. So here it goes:

A large instance on the roof tops of a city. Lots of narrow pathways. You can't agro the guards in the streets unless you drop down... but if you do they -will- kill you(infinite spawn). Once you have traversed the rogue/hunter(owl/bat pets)/demon/shadowthings infested rooftops you reach a castle... in the castle the key is to agro as little as possible... Any time something agroes you have about 4-5 min to kill them and then get out of dodge and back hidden as wandering patrolls will come by...the patrols would be large enough to guarantee a wipe. Again... the purpose is to -avoid- detection... you sneak into the rooms of 4-5 bosses and persassinate them(they wakeup groggy and get harder the more wakeful they get). Then you sneak out before the alarm goes off :P

Tada! Special Forces Warcraft style.

Anyways... back to researching bank things. Which is why this morning was busy

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Stephi said...

Hehe, this instance of yours sounds a lot like you've been playing Thief/Assassin's Creed O.o