Monday, March 31, 2008

We're Back!

There's nothing like walking back into your own house after being away. It smells right, looks right, and since you yourself are in charge of the cleaning you know what's clean and what's dirty ..... I always have suspicion in the back of my mind when we stay in hotel rooms. We had an awesome vacation. Saw old friends, remembered why old friends are still current friends and why they are still very awesome, spent lots of time with my family and a bit of time with some of Dammy's (including Orclette's great-grandmother). Did loads of walking, I worked out at the Y with my dad 4/5 days, and we ate tons of food (well, it felt like tons of food). On Friday I ate out for every meal (that wasn't planned-I was getting in some last minute focus time with my brothers and dad) and the dinner was my B-day dinner so I chose Saltgrass Steakhouse-very yummy, but not light on the tummy. Lots of driving. We took a weekend to get down, a weekend to come back up. When we visit dammy's family later this year we will be flying .... Orclette was an angel. But even angels have their moments. And need to be let out to do angely stuff. We stopped every 2 hours for lengthy stops so our long trip was much longer. Enough about our vacay.

Beowulfa logged on to see that Auctioneer, Omen, and the Quest tracker thingy no longer worked for her. Very sad, makes her feel a bit blind. I have not kept up with my google reader (although Dammy managed to find the time) so although I know patch 2.4 came out I don't really know what it did .... guess what we'll be discussing at lunch today? Turns out the Pox Arcanum people have been incredibly busy and have formed one, two? new groups? AND the biggest news is that my brother-in-law, and this is the last one, I swear, no more hiding in the closet, has started playing WOW. This one swore that he wouldn't. But WOW allows you to play an hour at a time unlike his previous loves so he's giving it a try. I haven't talked to this brother much so I don't think he's prepared for the awesomeness that is Beowulfa. She is very talkative. And allows you to see all the random thoughts that come out of her head. Like goose sex. What are your thoughts, opinions on goose sex? And you will have to wait for Dammy's explanation because it's his funny story not mine. I just provided the laughter and some of the fodder for the story.

Anywho, I'm done. Lot's of organizing and redecorating to be done. I had nothing else to read so I bought some interior design mags. Those are very, very dangerous. They should not be allowed into the hands of anyone with an ounce of interest in the subject. Dammy and I will now be going antiquing when we get the chance. And I'm thinking of hiring my cousins to come over and move all my furniture. I could do it but I want to see it in different configurations and with Orclette underfoot .... teenage boys are much the better option.



When humming "My Favorite Things" can make you cry... you know its dangerious to write things where people can see them. I shall attempt to do so without drowning you in emo-tears.

The trip was excellent. I really enjoyed seeing friends. It is nice being able to visit with people. Gave me a huge sense of yay here are people who care about me.

Coming back to my own house and bed and everything being clean? Was also excellent. A huge sense of Yay this is my place.

One large effect of the trip was to cure my mistaken desire to work retail ever again. Just seeing the old places I worked shocked me back to sanity. No no no no. Not even with a Goose. No.... I like my job(with reservations)... I just dislike being friendless at work and up here.

The goose sex...hmm... it is a joke. How do you say... "In Mother Russia the Geese Sex You!" or something like that. I was driving to church and saw two geese and the next thing we know me and Wulfa are polling people for their opinions on Goose Sex. We find it incredibly funny. Not sure if the Geese do. They might not even get any for all we know.

Call of Duty4. Just wow. I played the first CoD and hated it. But coming from playing halo... CoD4 is amazing. I like 'swat' in halo best and this is even better. Very lethal...very fast... awesome maps.

And now I return to WoW. 2.4 rocked my shaman's world. I cannot say enough about the totem timers. Ghost wolf being instant has been LOVELY. I played enough AB this weekend to gain 2k honor. Oh...and we didn't lose a single match, although some were more frustrating than others. I love healing in battle grounds.... it is lovely to frustrate other players efforts.

I'm going to be leveling some more though. My youngest brother just hit outlands on his NELF rogue and I'm very interested in being 70 finally. I don't think I will continue to pvp as a shaman though. I like him too much as enh....but when I pvp -all- I do is heal.... I'm leveling up a troll priest(Briarcree) on Drenden for pvp healing only. Although I keep thinking I might prefer the paladin's survivability... any thoughts?

Matticus mentioned liking special forces games and whatnot. I had WoW thoughts triggered by this this .... someone remind me later this week to post on it.

Well... thats it for today.


Trollin' said...

I do not, have not, and never will have any opinions on goose sex. Thank you.

Sounds like the vacation was pretty full of win. Good for the three of you.

Oh, and hire your cousins with pizza and soda. If they're any sort of normal teenage boys, that should be more than enough.

Dammerung said...

Ah so you are in the nonmentalparticipation camp. Iiiintereessting.

The vacation was awesome. I'm trying hard not to be completely emo over coming back.

My cousins will likely come over and work for free just for a few hours of Call of Duty.

Stale said...

When you were humming My favorite things, is that the Incubus song? cause I was listening to that while reading your post hahahaha

<3 S.C.I.E.N.C.E

And im neither for or against goose sex... I guess its good as we get more gooses (or is it geese :P).

Dammerung said...

No. I was humming the Sound of Music one.

"...Brown paper packages tied up with string...these are a few of my favorite things..."

I'm better now :P

Geese = plural.
Goose = singular.

Stale said...

Awww, The Incubus song rocks :)

And yes I knew it was geese :P I was trying to be tricksy