Friday, April 4, 2008

15 Steps to Seducing Women as an Ant.

Okay so I'm quoting wikipedia which is always scary but with regards to the myrmidons it says: "Their eponymous ancestor was Myrmidon, a king of Phthiotis who was a son of Zeus and "wide-ruling" Eurymedousa, a princess of Phthiotis. She was seduced by him in the form of an ant."

"She was seduced by him in the form of an ant."

How does this happen? My brother came up with a theory:

1) Zeus and Thor are hanging out in a bar.
2) They both get smashed. Really really smashed.
3) Thor brags that he nailed this princess after killing a dragon or some such.
4) Zeus says "Dood thatsh nothing I've nailed plenty of princeshshesh."
5) Thor tells him he's just making things up and bragging.
6) Zeus says "NO really I have! Tonsh of timesh!"
7) Thor says prove it, and points out Eury's daughter.
8) Zeus says "That would be too eashy"
9) Thor says Zeus is just being a wimp and tells him to put his money where his mouth is.
10) Zeus says "[hic] Fine! I'll go one better...I bet I can do it ash an ant!"
11) Thor is drunkenly impressed and they think of some huge horrible thing that Zeus will have to do if he fails or renegs.
12) They resume drinking.
13) They both pass out.
14) They wake up.
15) Thor remembers the bet.

But seriously.... WHO THINKS OF THESE THINGS? An ant? Seducing a princess? Was he out of KITTENS?


All of this came because I was googling [The Myrmidons] on Drenden. Turns out Wulfa and Udacha(youngest dumb brother) joined their guild. And they chat a lot and run Kara 2 nights a week.

I'm still debating. I really dislike the "Hey can I join your guild my friends did!" approach. And I can't really think of a reason to cold whisper a guild leader and ask for an invite. Also they have like 5 level 65+ shamans.

Now me debating guilds? This is not reason for a post. But a drunken bet that you can seduce a princess while you are an ant? And then make enough babies for a nation to form? Now that is blog worthy.

Speaking of blogs: Check out this awsome:

I'm talking to you Ego! Vonya deserves a BOOK!

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Ratshag said...

One would think the nearly-all-powerful thunderbolt-chucking GOD would have no problems running seduction games as, ya know, himself. Is what works fer me, and I's just a simple orc. Maybe Hera were being extra watchful and he needed ta be all teeny-tiny to escape the notice. *shrug*

An ant. Great googly moogly...