Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Today is the Day

"'I get a new laptop, I get a new laptop (repeat in a singsong voice).'"

And new schoolbooks.

And. Just wait-this is the best part.

I. Get. To. Go. To. STAPLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And buy school supplies. We went there yesterday to price things and there were many many things that I lusted after. And then I had to repent and now I merely want them.

Starting to freak out a bit about school actually starting(Thursday) and juggling school work and two kids but I usually do that and usually everything works out fine.

As an aside: Sharon Kay Penman's Devil's Brood is out in paperback and is excellent historical fiction reading, in my opinion. It's the 3rd in her Henry II/Eleanor of Aquitaine series but it can be read on its own if you know a bit of what was going on during that time period (Eleanor and sons rebel against Henry, Henry defeats them and keeps Eleanor on house arrest for 16 years, gives his sons titles but no actual power, etc.). I expect that this book will be my last non-schoolbook read until the summer.

I'm waiting impatiently until 7 a.m. because then I'm waking up husband and children and we are going shopping. If you've ever been without money for any period of time you know the sudden elation, relief, and freedom that being able to spend money without guilt means.

Ooh it's 7.


scoty said...

I have been without money before. Have fun shopping.

Marylin said...

Oh I have been there before... I am again at the moment (single mother with 2 children living off the govt... grr), and OMG I'M SO JEALOUS OF YOU GOING TO STAPLES!!! *drools over notepads and pretty pens and stationery* :D