Monday, January 11, 2010

Looking for internet ninjas.

Given $800-1000 dollars what laptops would you recomend?

We want the following from our laptops:

Playing WoW
Microsoft office.
Windows 7(no mac this time around).

Wulfa wants hers to be light.

As office will run on almost anything that will run wow... that is not the limiting factor. Pretty much what we care the most about is graphics for wow.

Oh and she'll care that the case looks pretty and things of that nature:P


Kaelynn said...

Not an internet ninja, just a tech geek :)

I would recommend either an Asus, Lenovo, or Sony Vaio (the Vaio's are very pretty btw).

The key is to get something with a dedicated graphics card - if you see something that says Intel Integrated Graphics, run away (they hate WOW). Laptops like that are often called "gaming" laptops, although I'm sure more people than just gamers need good graphics (ie people who use Photoshop). You can definitely find something good in your budget. Visit Best Buy's website and the website for each of the brands above and see what you like.

Dechion said...

A quick look at brought up this Studio 15(1555)system.

It is right at the top end of your price range, but it seems to be a good machine.

Quad core processor, radeon video instead of integrated, 4 gigs of ram, I'll link it if you want more details.

The machine I play Wow on is similar to this one, but older. It has a duo-core processor and integrated video (with dedicated memory).

If my machine will run it I know this one would as well.

scott said...

The most important thing is a discrete video card. Makes a big difference.

I prefer Nvidia over Radeon cards, especially in a laptop with Windows 7. Radeon does weird stuff with their drivers for laptops, and Windows 7 seems to change the drivers all the time.

If you go to Best Buy or someplace there will be a sticker on the machine that will say if it has a video card. Look at the amount of memory the card has, more is better.

I'd take a look at Newegg and Tiger Direct too. But, you will not be able to see and play with the machine before you buy if you get it online.

Fortunately laptops are cheap right now, and WOW will run on a toaster.

That's about all I know.

Andy C. said...

Here's a couple of laptops I scoped out on that will fit your bill. They don't have Office installed on them, but they will run it with no problem.