Thursday, January 14, 2010

School Has Started.

My spanish prof. only speaks spanish in class. I understood 50%. Chemistry teacher said that most of us would fail and that you had to have prerequisites out the wazoo. I last looked at math 5 years ago and science 10 years ago. I have no prerequisites. Damm says I'll be fine.

3 of my classes are continuations of classes I took last spring. I'm feeling that fall break I took. Damm has to add a class. I freaked out today about studying time. Both of us are tired and our two kids are showing signs of our stress. Neither took long naps.

I'm loving and hyperventilating every second of this school life.


Christopher said...

Hey, don't let the big bad chem scare you off! If you need any help with your homework or understanding a concept, we might be able to help. I've always been a chem-nerd, myself.

Don't be afraid to ask your readers! =)

Dawn said...

Becca, I hope you'll do well and that school won't stress you out too much@