Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Backyard plans.

We have a LOT of plans for the backyard. Here are some pictures to show you what they are.

The yellow circle shows you where we're gonna plant sunflowers. Despite it being in shade the last two hours of the day it is in pure sunlight the rest of the day.

That red circle. That shows you our newest planter. Lots of partial shade flowers and a new coat of paint possibly.

And finally the full view. The area along the wall in front of and behind the boat will have nice polished river stones eventually. The wooden "dock" itself is going to have a coat of whatchamacallit to help prevent any FURTHER weather damage. We are going to get some nice packing sand and sprinkle it over the brick walkway to fill in the gaps.

If we are here for the full three years we plan to then we will add grass in the middle on the right side of the path and try to grow some kind of spreading fern on the left. Further updates as they come.

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scott said...

My recommendation, plant some perennials, native species that produce nectar and seeds and are appropriate for the climate. Less maintenance then. That will bring birds and butterflies to your yard as well.

Sunflowers are a good choice. We sometimes get them in our garden from seeds dropped by the birds. It is really neat watching a goldfinch tear into one.