Monday, May 24, 2010


Due to everyone falling sick at some point last week, I missed 2 days and Damm missed 3. So we're repeating the last week of month 1. I really, really didn't want to have to stop-we were almost to month 2-but it gives us more muscle building time.

In other news, although still relevant to INSANITY, I am back at Barnes & Noble. Primarily zoning & shelving, i.e. maintenance and prettiness. Muscles I had forgotten were there are screaming at me. I had forgotten how physically taxing it could be working in a bookstore:) BUT all the squatting and bending over has improved my performance in INSANITY: previous knee bends I had difficulty with before are now easy. So yay for that.

With me being away 3-4 days a week now it's a scramble to continue eating healthfully, but I think we're still doing ok. Being near the cafe does not help, however. Frappuccino, anyone?

I did take measurements last Friday but because we're repeating this week, and because I am writing this after a full day at work and I'm tired and inclined to be lazy, I'm not going to post them. We'll retake measurements Friday.

Is it really only Monday? I already want my Friday pizza. Except we decided we're not doing that. Bah humbug. Sometimes practicing self-control stinks:)

Wulfa the Workout Maven out.

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