Thursday, May 27, 2010

Frodo. Not Froto.

When our little white dog jumped into my arms one sunny morning I thought he looked like a Toto. so we originally called him "Toto". Then Orclette called him "Frodo". So my mother-in-law, not wishing to hurt anyone's feelings, registered him at the vet's as "Froto" in an effort to compromise the two names. I have decided that I'm going with the Orclette's name-Froto sounds like he's fruity. Just can't do it.

Frodo is not housebroken. The in-laws managed to keep him pooping and peeing outside but I don't think he knew that's where he was supposed to go. He really likes going in the bathroom. That's where everyone else is going, right? :) So we're starting over and treating him like a puppy. I found a housebreaking plan for older dogs/puppies that seems logical and I'm following that. Basically lots of crate time with frequent trips outdoors and lots of praise and treats. I've got some books on dog training and I'll start coming up with a plan for teaching him how to sit and stay later this week.

Funny thing about Frodo-you've got to be abrasive with him. If you talk "baby talk" to him or are overly-friendly he pees. I haven't Googled this phenomenon yet but I wonder if he was abused. His front left paw looks like it was broken at some point and he was abandoned out in coyote territory so I don't think much of his former owners. But as long as you rough house him a bit and assume a commanding and tough air he's fine.

Frodo also thinks he's a baby. He seems to know he's lower in the pecking order than the real babies, and he always is submissive to Orclette and Miniorc, but he wants to be held and petted just like the Miniorc is held and petted. He ain't getting that sort of treatment from me-I'm so not a baby person and my small reserves of patience and physical contact are spent on my own kiddos. Plus that whole Alpha thing. I don't know much about that yet but I know you aren't supposed to treat a dog like a human.

So that's Frodo. He will get lots of love and attention in his new family. The Miniorc thinks Frodo is fascinating:) Lots of walks. Lots of training because Wulfa can't stand dogs who haven't been well-trained. It'll be awesome.

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TJ said...

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