Monday, March 1, 2010


1) When writing stories I am more creative on paper.

2) Discussing your stories with people ends up being more frustrating then just writing the next bit. I've resolved to no longer ask fifteen people about a plot question.(p.s. if I asked you understand this wasn't just a one person thing)

3) U.S. vs [country name here] suddenly makes me very patriotic even about sports I couldn't care less about. Yay for silver in hockey! Too bad we didn't have more baskets and slap points and sliding tackles.

4) In my sunday wordpress vs blogger debate I ran into the fact that while I much much prefer the behind the blog design and layout of wordpress; for the visible part of the blog they give you 81 or some odd designs to pick from and if you don't like them... well sux2bu. Staying with blogger for now.

5) Ret pvp is more fun than protection pvp.

6) Battlegrounds are more fun when you are coordinated. Me and moon and khour ran battlegrounds saturday. In the same room, staying together for the most part. Calling out dps targets and focusing on them. We became a force on the battlefield. We'd show up... and usually the flag fell to us. With the exception of Pancakes the supermage, our three person comp seemed to be the driving force in any of the battlefields we fought in.

7) Pancakes the supermage held Farm by herself. All game. We only wandered over there to heal her up after combat and rebuff her. The girl was a beast.

8) Wulfa hates battlegrounds because they are frenetic. I'm trying to think of a class/combo that will make this less so for her.

9) And thats it. Now to start working on my stories for the week.


Kaelynn said...

Your decision to stay with Blogger makes sense to me. Wordpress really shines when it is self-hosted (when you pay for it) and you can install any plugin you want and have unlimited control over how it looks. Of course that also means a lot more work.

scott said...

You guys should have tried Wintergrasp when it came up. It is a lot of fun. A tight group working the towers in the south of the map will make a big difference some games. Plus, with the quests in there and everything, you can get a ton of honour.

Strand of the Ancients is a lot of fun too. It being the SoTA holiday there were a ton of games going this weekend, and I spent a lot of time in there.

Dammerung said...

We tried SoTA but that was before I respecced Ret and Khour logged his warrior on. If we went back now we would probably enjoy it more than when I did like 20 damage and he was healing. Still the fights tend to be more of 15 on 15 instead of the 3-4 on 3-4 of AB.

WG is still kind of intimidating. Mostly because I haven't done it and don't really understand what is going on.