Thursday, March 4, 2010

Homework and pvp.

Stayed up until 2am finishing my physics homework last night. My brain feels like mush. Normally go to bed around 10pm. It was good though as now Wulfa has all day to study for her test tomorrow.

Thought about trying pvp prot again, ended up not playing the paladin. Tried playing my warrior in battlegrounds. Love it when I crit. Cry when I get kited. Would love some warrior pvp help.

I'm arms currently and feel like my talent allocation is working nicely. I've got 20 resiliance(more coming when I get 10 more stonekeeper shards). I'm rocking a sword.

My biggest request for help is in the which abilities to use/notuse etc. About 50-60% of my damage is white damage. Followed by overpower and rend. I usually only get out of arms stance if I'm about to fight a warlock and need the anti-fear ability; if I'm in battle and need to intercept; or if it looks like whirlwind is off cooldown.

So I guess the complete list of my "use" is:
Rend all the time
Overpower all the time
Execute when I'm fast enough on the button pressing.
That thing you can use when you just killed someone that gives you a free swing basically but you get it at level 6.... sometimes.
Heroic Strike almost never.
Cleave almost never.
Retaliation when I think I can sucker more than one person into swinging at me.
Thunderclap almost never.
Slam = only if I hit the wrong button.
Hamstring whenever I use rend.
Enrage on occasion.

Thats really it for now.

Oh and I keep forgetting to use the AOE fear but I know that it is there.

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