Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Nothing special.

So my ret pally and my resto druid are fun in pvp. Prot pally is not. Feral druid and balance druid are not. Khour and Moon have two level 30ish toons they are playing and ONLY leveling in battlegrounds. I'm thinking I'm going to level my mage Susanin this way. First catch her up to them and then level in BG's. Use the pally and druid to farm stonekeeper shards and buy stuff for her. Etc.

Except there is kind of this debate between me and them. I think that my level 35 warrior would be just as useful in a bg to their Shaman, Lock team as the mage. I mean sure the mage has the AoE ice freeze and sheep and slow on -everything- icy she casts... but the warrior has charge/intercept/stun and an AoE fear and can remove fear/sap/incapacitate via zerker rage.


Cap'n John said...

I was contemplating taking my Tankadin into Alterac Valley, but you say Prot Pallies are no fun in PvP?

At 64 I successfully defended Honor Hold against two Horde in their low 60s, one a Pally, one a Death Knight. Actually it was just the Pally at first but I think he realized immediately that I was a Protadin and he wouldn't be able to kill me (which meant he'd be the one dying) so he ran just as the Death Knight dropped in.

Together they may have been able to take me but the Pally wasn't coming back to try and the DK wasn't smart enough to realize he couldn't beat an Indestructible Tankadin, and so he died while the Pally ran for his life.

I'm running as Ret now at 70 after having picked up Ingvar's Cleaver (from UK), mostly because my mate (a DK) is the better Tank. He did AV at 70 and tanked Drek and I'm really jealous because that's I've wanted to do that for a long time. It was a fast AV, too. He went in while I ran a few DPS tests on the Dummy, and it seemed just minutes later that he earned the AV Victory Achievement.

But you say Protadins are no fun in PvP? Is it because you're going up against over-geared people who cut through your armor like it's Cloth (or paper)? Or something else? Were you doing Arenas? or BGs? And which ones?

Dammerung said...

Fun is very very subjective :p.

Comparing prot with ret: I like the distant stun/sap. I do miss the ranged silence but that is more than made up for by the burst I get. I like the running boost from ret. Survivability was about the same... I guess that comes from higherups cutting through my armor like paper as you said... dunno.

In both specs I wore exactly the same armor...the only difference was I had a shield in prot. The gear I was/am wearing is still on my paladin so you can see what it is for thoughts.

I prefer prot for soloing though.

In the end its just a matter of taste. For example: Rogues are not fun to play at all. :P