Thursday, March 11, 2010

The things he says.

Yesterday I found out that there was a lecture being given by the Confucius Institute here on campus. My East Asia since 1600 is one of the major members of that society and mentioned that if you attended he'd wave one of the obligatory 5 essays. I told this to Damm. Here is the dialogue that followed.

Me: "Yeah, if I go I don't have to write one of the essays."

Damm: "You should definitely go then, because you take forever to write those."

Me: Dramatic Pause

Damm's Dad: "Ooh-hoo you in trouble now!" (to Damm)

P.S. I know what Damm meant to say was that he's seen how hard I labor over my essays, making sure I have the historical facts correct and that the language flows and that it is inviting to read and that he wanted to spare me that effort once if possible.

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