Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Not Payment

"Alice woke up slowly."

This is all I have written. The story is there but normally my brain is better rested. Normally I don't go get all gamedrunk on weekends(18.6 hours in 2 days /played time).

I know the outlines of what happens next. I am just failing with the adversb and adjectives. The smells and sights and sounds. The feelings. Etc. So Payment posts this week are unlikely if my muse doesn't wake up and get out of the gutter. I am still writing something this week for a weekly story. Just most likely nothing on Payment. We'll see.

So I am giving you a random thoughts post(aka my usual fare before the stories started coming). I have been very pleased to discover the quality writers that were lurking in my guild. I love the new guild blog and it is quickly rising to the top my blog rankings.

The most pleasant result of this last weekend's gaming binge was the discovery that WoW no longer dominated my conversations and thoughts. While I'm sure my present obsession was just as disturbing to my family; for me it was nice to be enthralled by something new. This had not happened in a long time.

I still like WoW but I am happiest when it is more of a poker night thing and less of a life-aspect thing. I am attempting to get RTW under control as well and hope to eventually use the games to balance eachother. So that a single game doesn't define me.

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