Monday, March 8, 2010

Manic Monday

That song that has the line "Just another Manic Monday ... Wishing it were Sunday ... 'cause that's my fun day" was going through my head this morning.

Yesterday morning passed in a blur because I woke up with flu symptoms and was completely conked out til Damm and the little ones got back from church. Afterwards I began to revive and we had an awesome afternoon. It was awesome because I couldn't even think about chores/schoolwork/all the bills that had to be filled out and sent in (oh shoot ...). So the Miniorc and I watched the NCIS marathon while the Orclette and Damm played in the living room, and then we finished off the evening by watching "Enchanted". The Orclette enjoyed it, which is good ... maybe "Ratatouille" can be put aside for a day or two so momma can recover from rat overload.

But there is something to the idea that God worked for six days and then He took a break. I'm not sure how I could manage that-most of my big projects and all housecleaning I schedule for the weekend. But wow-I feel refreshed and not harassed and that's something I could use more of. And the Orclette and Miniorc were visibly more relaxed. Speaking of my Orclette ... we went shopping Saturday and I bought some really cute dresses for her. Only they weren't the baby dresses, they were the little girl dresses. She looks so grown up already and she's not even 3. I've been looking forward to her being older but it is bittersweet. And my Miniorc? Muy rechoncho. Very chubby. Learning how to crawl. Sigh.

So our blog really isn't about orcs anymore ... and we have two nicknames for our little ones. Babydoll and Little Man. I think we shall switch how we reference our kiddos to these monikers.

So I guess I am wishing it were Sunday ... because that's my new fun day.

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Dammerung said...

Personally I call them Pumpkin(Orclette) and Fatso(MiniOrc). ;P