Monday, March 8, 2010

One More Turn.

Okay so I bought Rome: Total War via Steam friday. I did so thinking that me and Wulfa needed another game to play together so that our only thing to talk about for fun wouldn't be WoW. I'm not sure if that sentence makes any sense in the condition I'm in right now. But that was the idea.

Oh how horribly wrong I was.

I played my first turn Friday night but didn't do anything other than move one unit and end turn. Saturday morning I picked up and started my first campaign. The Scipii.

Do vampires get addicted to heroin if they drain a druggie? Because that's the kind of hooks this game immediately put in me. The I need blood/heroin because I'm a vampire user kind. I only wish I was exaggerating.

Ask Wulfa if you see her around. Ask her what I talked about this weekend.

Because my every waking thought was consumed with how to balance the needs of the senate with establishing my trade routes with keeping my populace happy. With how to get more cavalry. <3 Calvary. MOBILITY WINS. With replaying the latest battle in my head.

Saturday morning:
planning how to take Sicily
taking Sicily
planning how to take Carthage
taking Carthage.
losing Carthage to rebellion three times because not understanding how temples of other races work.
razing Carthage.
hunting down the Carthaginians and wiping them off the planet.
planning invasion of the Iberian peninsula

lunch.... asking Wulfa about what I should conquer in her name.

Redirecting force of my campaign from the Iberian peninsula to Palestine.
Planning invasion of Greece.
Taking Sparta and Corinth.
Planning invasion of Rhodes.
Rhodes put on back burner as Egypt and Pontus both declare war with me(upset that I was moving into their spheres of influence. Brief panic before naval reallocation allows for naval supremacy and destruction of all Egyptian and Pontus trade routes.
Cyprus captured.
Army ashore at Palestine.
Army utterly defeated by Egyptian force twice its size(roughly 2,200 men). Army flees to boats and escapes with general intact.


Put kids to play.
Play WoW with Wulfa because she doesn't have RTW yet and isn't really willing to just sit and watch me play it.
Get suckered by brothers into playing my paladin.
Learn that pally healing isn't horrible.
Learn that pally healing in HoR SUCKS.
Walk away all glowy happy because random DK knows that the proper way is to aggressively complement the healer.
Wulfa gets new bow.

Wake up Sunday.

After Church.

Start Carthaginian campaign. While walking with Wulfa after dinner plan aggressive anti-Roman campaign designed around the idea that blockading a port prevents navies from being built there.
Find out how almost impossible it is to prevent Rome from having navies.
Take Sicily.
Get bored of fighting Rome.

Finish watching Enchanted.

Start Julii campaign.
Take northernmost Italy.
See that it is 10pm.
Save game planning to get off.
Remember unit I forgot to move.
Move unit.
Save game.
Think "I'll just end turn to see what is going to happen next".
One more turn.
Fifteen minutes later repeat last 6 steps.

See that it is 12:45pm after I've crushed all major Gaul resistance due to their foolish refusal to find a counter to roman cavalry. Decide that going to bed is a good thing.

Wake up Monday morning cursing self and exhausted.


Entilzah said...

Ahh... Shades of me and Civilization II, III... whatever.

Heck, my friend and I almost missed a flight in college because we had to go one. More. Turn.


Melpo said...

I love R:TW. I just wish that the newer versions still were in the same time period, or would at least update to the newest engines/graphics.

I agree that the cavalry are nice, but for my money, I'll take archers with rows of pikes in front any day. Especially when you are under siege in a town. Line your archers up on the walls, and watch the stupid AI continue to ride at you trying to get to the gates.

I haven't played in a while, but I've played an Egyptian campaign, a couple roman ones. I've done a Britainia campaign part way. I think some day i'll probably run a macedonian canpaign too.

One of the more interesting things is that there are some mods out there that people have created to the game. You can edit the .txt files that the game uses and if you create models, can populate your game with anything you want. I always hoped that the Wheel of Time version would get made, but I don't think it was ever completed.

Anyhow, I completely understand the addictiveness of this game. Good luck :)

scott said...

Those turn based games can be dangerous.

klaki said...

I'm like Entil... the Civ games consumed my life back then. I remember playing them during classes :) and it did cause many a late night. I would love to have a comparison done between the Civ and TW series. It might be fun to get back into one... well at least until SC2/D3 come out. :)

Dammerung said...

Comparison coming tomorrow at some point.