Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Believe it or not the Orclette and I have been very busy. I joined a gym and have arranged to drop Orclette off at grandma's at 1 p.m. everyday (that I'm not working, or they're busy, etc.) so I can have a wonderful hour of working out by myself. Then we stick around the in-laws house til about 6 or 7, come back and wind down by watching movies for an hour. Sleep, then repeat.

Most of my composition efforts have gone into the letter-a-day I've been writing for Damm. We finally got out first letter yesterday. Apparently they took a sample of his blood after he had been up more than 37 hours and he fainted. He thought it had been a dream until his pounding headache arrived. I don't know a whole lot more than that, his letter was barely coherent.

Ok, I need coffee. The words are not flowing, inspiration is not flowing.

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Kayeri said...

Well, after 37 hours, its no great wonder he fainted! That happened to my husband once, though it was due to low blood sugar/fasting for a doctor test (he's type 2 diabetic).

I hope you're adjusting okay to him not being there on a daily basis, its always hard at first, until you adjust to the physical absence. Even then, you miss them until they come home... You just learn to deal with it better, I guess.

I hope that doesnt sound harsh, but growing up in a military family, I had to learn to deal with it on a regular basis as a child. That's probably the reason I'm married to a civilian man now, though. :)

As far as I'm concerned, my time of military service was done as a child, so I'm through it and grateful its done. Military life is hard on families sometimes.