Thursday, May 14, 2009

On Working Out

They sell really cute, fashionable workout clothing. But since I'm currently on a budget and I'd rather spend my money on actual clothing I didn't buy any. So when I go to my new gym I wear my usual shorts and one of Damm's t-shirts. Makes me look like a tent, but it works. And it didn't bother me until she showed up.

She was a tan, blond fitness goddess. Tribal tattoo around one arm. Perfectly cut muscles. Very cute workout clothing. And all of a sudden I very much cared what I was wearing. Never mind that here I am, almost 7 months pregnant and still working out. Never mind that I'm in better shape than half of the people I see in the gym. I did not look like tan blond fitness goddess. I looked like a tent. And boy did it bother me.

She wasn't there yesterday though. And I didn't have any trouble keeping my heart rate around 140. See, as a pregnant person the general rule of thumb is go ahead and exercise but keep your heart rate around or below 140. People, that's walking at a brisk pace. You can see a doctor and they can test you and find out what your safety threshhold is but I'm not covered til June 1. So I stick to the general guidelines. And as I said, yesterday no problem. Tuesday, however, the darn heartrate machine must have been broken. I wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary but the little numbers stayed in the 150-160 range the entire time. I reduced resistance, I reduced the height of the machine (I was on the elliptical and then the treadmill) and nothing seemed to work. Deuced irritating.

I plan to keep working out til little one makes his/her appearance. I seem to remember lifting weights the day before Orclette was born. I think my mom has a picture. And no, that picture will never be seen.

Today I go to work at 7 a.m. It will be fun coaxing a sleepy Orclette out of bed while she's swinging fists and emphatically saying "no! No! NO!" But as soon as she gets to Grandma's they'll start digging holes in the backyard for the 20hundredplants Grandpa brought back for Grandma from Grandpa's mother in Waco, TX (the number keeps on growing, but his AC died on the way back so he is totally excused). I get off at 11 a.m. or sooner (although I think I'll stick around and read magazines if we finish shelving early) and I'm contemplating Sonic. You see, I've been having Sonic Blast and french fries cravings again. They won't go away. So today might be the day that I succumb. Hehe, my life is exciting :D

No more letters from Damm, but I'm hoping that at least he's started the training. And mebbe the next letter will have an actual address on it .... then my letters are actually communicating and not just sitting around the house.

Transformers and Terminator: Cool machines and Christian Bale. I fell in love with Christian Bale when I was 13 and watched "Treasure Island" with the great Heston and Bale starring. So I tend to want to see whatever movie he plays in. That did lead to seeing the remake of "Little Women," which was a mistake, but oh well (the original is better, imo). Anyway, I think father-in-law and brother-in-law and I are going to go see both of those when they come out. I would just go with brother-in-law but we keep getting mistaken for a married couple and that's just awkward with Damm gone. And Harry Potter in July and New Moon in November ... good year for movies.

Ok, I'm out. Someone, perhaps a pesky little brother, was bugging me about not posting. I admit, my brain has been elsewhere. And you try and post when a little tyke (guess who? the Orclette) is sitting on your lap and trying to help.

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Animagis said...

Favorite Bale flick = Swing Kids