Friday, May 15, 2009

And we have contact

I finally have an address. I finally can send all the letters & pictures that have been piling up. And if you have a moment, pray for Damm. Rob (brother to Damm) said, "uh, he's in basic. It's supposed to be hard" when I asked him to pray for his brother-I know it's supposed to be hard but that's no reason to not pray for him (that same brother readily gave me money to buy a phone card for Damm so he must be forgiven for his comment). As far as I can tell from his letters he started Basic on the 8th of May (Friday) so we now begin the countdown. It looks like he might have up to 10 days between the end of Basic and AIT so I have renewed hope about him being able to fly back here (the prospect of a 3-day drive to SC is not the most attractive one; however I'm determined to go there if he can't come here).

So I'm pretty sure I've mentioned how much I like the Gilmore Girls show. Orclette likes 'em too-it's the second thing she asks for in the morning (the first being chocolate). And I'm Netflixing the 7th season which I have only seen once (this compared to having seen the other seasons 5+ times). And in between receiving the Netflix DVD's I've started the series over again. We're currently at the end of Season 1. Now, I don't actually watch watch them-it's more a comforting background noise. It's like having an old friend over. Which, as I told Damm in one of the many letters he'll soon be getting, sounds a little weird. But so true. It's my coping mechanism. (Well, one of them)

I can't decide if little one #2 is going to be Charis or Brendan. With the Orclette I knew it was going to be a girl. With this one I'm not sure. Some days I lean towards boy, other days I'm convinced it'll be a girl. On scary days I imagine I'll have twins. I try to squelch that though-I'm not prepared for two new little ones. And I'm not big enough to be having twins, so it's just one of those unreasonable fears. It'll be cool if its a boy-I have an excuse to buy all new stuff. If it's a girl there will be pressure to just reuse stuff. Which is ok, but I remember all my friends who had to wear/play/use second-hand things. They hated it. I understand that it gets expensive to outfit kids, and I'm not trying to criticize-but if I have the money to buy new things for each child then why not? And I mentioned that to my mother-in-law. And there was a disconnect in the space-time continuum. There was non-comprehension. There would be the same with my mom. Why not reuse a perfectly good item? Why buy new when what worked for the Orclette will surely work for the little one?

Anyway, in the end there will most likely be a mixture of new AND used for each child. And while we're on the subject of the little one, I'm gonna mention how he/she is making it really hard to breathe. And sleeping is getting more and more uncomfy. I daydream about finally seeing a doctor and her telling me that I'm actually due in July and not August. Of course, that would be somewhat inconvenient as my mom is coming in August and she's the only one besides Damm who's allowed in the delivery room (and obviously the doctor and nurses). But if I'm floating on an epidural I guess soloing the experience wouldn't be too bad (it was bad enough having Damm and my mom in the room last time-there is NO WAY anyone new is going to be allowed to see me go through labor).

Ok, brain is screaming for coffee. And there's an Orclette to cajole into wakefulness so she can watch Gilmore Girls with me :D

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Misneach said...

I'll be praying for Damm. I'll also be praying for the other 1.75 of you.

Take good care of yourself :)