Monday, September 8, 2008

So out of it ....

I'm going to have a ton of catching up to do on my reader. I feel very disconnected. But our laptop is back, we didn't have to pay a thing for it's repair, and sometime tomorrow I should be able to play WoW on it once again.

My brain really isn't coming up with anything to blog about lately. Well, that's not true, but by the time I have a moment to get on the computer my brilliant ideas are gone. I've been trying lately to spend more time with the Orclette-I'm always with her but I'm frequently not really paying attention. In the past she's been content with merely having me nearby but now she wants me to play with her. I'm not a playing type of person. Blocks are beyond me. Handing me something to only take it back seconds later confuzzles me. But, she will not always be in this stage. Soon enough she will be able to run around with me visiting bookstores, going to theater/movie, taking horseback riding lessons, archery, fencing, in short, all the things a highborn lady would do, as Damm remarked earlier today (if you put different names to a couple of those activities).

In addition to thinking about moving, planning it out, and dreading it (the actual process is no fun) I've had the urge to go back and read some of my favorite books of all time. I downed the last 3 books of Harry Potter-I always like to read them when it's raining. Makes me think of Hogwarts, Gryffindor Tower, and I get warm fuzzies.

I read the first Robert Jordan book and enjoyed it. I asked Damm what happens to the characters introduced in the first book (I'm one of those people that read the ending, wikipedia the movie before I see it, etc. It in no way diminishes my enjoyment of the said book/movie). He proceded to tell me all about Rand, Perrin, and Matt. I had to interrupt him. I don't really care about them. I wanted to know about Ninaeve, Egwene, Elayne, and the rest of the Aes Sedai. :D

I have revisited my Barbara Michael fave's. She's also Elizabeth Peters, but as Michaels she writes supernatural thrillers, not too scary, but not dull. Although I prefer not to read them at night. And if you have never read her Amelia Peabody books and have a liking for mystery you MUST check that series out. I adore it, as does my mom. We both fancy ourselves Amelia :D

I might devour Sherlock Holmes, especially if it rains again this week.

Ummm ..... that's really all I've read in the past couple of weeks. I'm trying really really hard not to buy new books at the moment, since we're moving and all. It is such a hardship.

My Beowulfa is lvl 50. Her enchanting and tailoring are at 300. She's poised to tackle the Crater and Felwood, finish up the Blasted Lands, and possibly Azshara. I've been waking up early to get 2 solid hours in the morning playing her. It's worked out really really well-I've been able to focus and get quite a bit accomplished. I've been grinding my jaw during these sessions, however, so I think I need to loosen up just a bit ... I'm hoping to have her at 60 within 2 weeks. The way she's going I'll soon be able to quest with Damm's druid, which I think will be fun.

Wulfa has new gems, a new ring, and the fist weapon that drops from the bear dude in ZA. She also has been completely spoiling Beowulfa gold-wise and needs to start doing dailies .. fortunately I enjoy doing the Netherwing ones so I think I'll start throwing in a bit of time there. Beo has expressed a desire for epic flight once she hits 70.

Well, this Wulf is exhausted from spending the entire day doing moving stuff. We forgot to change the Orclette's diaper-as a result when we got home she was dripping. /shameface. But we recieved good news on UHaul prices, my new glasses will be here soon, we got a good price on the few used books we were able to part with, and we had an awesome experience at Chick-Fil-A. They have this salad with fruit, grilled chicken, and lots of veggies-absolutely scrumptious, especially if you chase it down with an icedream and waffle fries :D Oh yeah, I was trying to sign off. Laters.


Shrinn said...

Grats on levels for Beowulfa :)

And yes, yes, enjoy every second you can when they're small...That's what everyone tells me too!
John is now in school & it does sometimes seem like just yesterday we were watching Baby Einstein & Dora together (Swiper, NO swiping!)
I put pics up on my blog just for you! I lurves ya ChickaDee!

ArmsandFury said...

I am a Robert Jordan fan. I don't go as far into as some people but I still want to know who killed Asmodean like the rest of us.

Last book should be out next year written by Brandon Sanderson since RJ past away.

Speaking of Brandon Sanderson... I highly recommend his books. Elantris was great and the Mistborn series is better. I am very much looking forward to Warbreaker from him too.

If you read Elantris, please post about it! I have not found anyone who has read it yet.

Softi/Marylin said...

Gz on the levels. :)

It's hard work trying to move house with a little one toddling around the place too - you have my sympathies, it was us 2 years ago!

I'm the same with our youngest, Max re the playing. I spend so much time with our 3 yr old who keeps asking me to play hide and seek n such - much more fun than a not-quite-one yr old who just babbles away and crawls to things he's not supposed to!
I guess what I'm trying to say is, it's not just you who finds the whole 'play' thing a little boring! ;)

minnieu said...

THE Wulfa needs to learn to tell the Beowulfa NO! Earn your own money.

And Gratz on levels.