Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Tick 1: So wow, today I told my supervisor that my last day would be 10/28/08. Now to start gearing up for the move and life in New Mexico.

Tick 2: Last night I gained level 64. Yay. I'm actually looking forwards to the sporeggar quests. They look fun. Loving my T1 shoulders. Thanks SD.

Tick3: Orclette now says Hai and Bai. Like that...not quite a crisp "Hi". Incredibly cute.

Tick4: Got the laptop back monday. Warranty saved me 385$. Hardrive died.

Tick5: So level 64 only took about 12 hours playtime. I should be 70 in 3 days playtime yay.

Tick 6: Wulfa's downloading patch updates for WoW now. We'll do addons tonight and then the laptop will be running again.

Lifebloom!: I'm starting the freakout/get excited phase of moving. Turning in your notice is so rather final. Ready...Set... BOOM go go go go go pack fast, make arrangements, sell stuff, throw away stuff, tell everyone.

Recast: Oh A&F, I read Elantris about 6-7 years ago and loved it. Although for some reason I have a -real- hard time remembering the details which is abnormal for me and fiction books. I'll have to re-read it I guess.


ArmsandFury said...

I need to do a post on what my wife and I read like you guys do. hmmm

Capn John said...

I finally got off my butt and resumed leveling my Troll Rogue, who was stuck just into 63. What made it easy(er) was picking up a couple of Blue daggers off the AH and respecing half Assassin/half Combat Daggers (from Combat Swords, with two green Swords).

I jsut dinged 66 yesterday, and like you noticed, each level is taking approx. 12 hours, even with rested XP. Might go faster if I was willing to PUG Instances.

Roll on, 70! (and my first 70 Horde Toon :)