Friday, September 12, 2008

Attention, Please

I had fun last night. Played for about 2 hours, chatting with guildies, killing stuffz. Most of the time I had a grin on my face-my guildies are funny. And I was having fun teasing as the opportunity came up.

It occurred to me that I might have gone a wee bit too far.

So, I'm going to apologize.

To a Certain Hunter:

It is not your fault your RL avatar named you after an ungraceful minivan. It would've been much cooler to be named after a BMW. But it is what it is.

I know that you were kept cooped up for a while, and that's probably why you got soo excited to be playing and pulled before the tank. But you've been out of the inn for a while now. Time to start settling down.

And I know you're a bit concerned about gear. Worry not. Keep this is mind, I know you may not have heard it before:
"It is not your gear that makes you a good hunter. It is the skill with which you play your class that determines the hunter."

And your trapping? I saw no problems with it, so don't be worrying about it. And mobs won't resist your traps forever. You gots to have mojo, and then they will love your traps.

And your DPS? It was a bit harsh to say that by squinting I could see you on the charts. You were much closer. But I was paying more attention to your pet, who's very cute, and says the darndest things.

So, in summary, take my teasing words not to heart. You are a fine hunter, and time will only even out the rough spots.


Scott said...

Nonsense. German cars are over rated.

klaki said...

Though in teasing, we all sometimes forget that we were once where others are now. We have all been the little bar on the DPS meter, we have all caused a wipe or mis-pull.

Capn John said...

I have discovered that the more comfortable I become around people, and the more fond I become of them, the more condescending and sarcastic my attitude is towards them. Not necessarily a good thing :(