Friday, September 12, 2008

Remorse and Bad-Bottom-ery

Aww we've been snarky and sarcastic a lot recently here at the OrcHouse. But thats the OLD horde. We're deffinitly new Hordies. Thrall hates sarcasm and Saurfang will split your head nicely with his axe if yer snarky.


Dear TJ and un-named Hunter(you know who you are), we're really sorry. Honest! Well I am. Wulfa's a bit... shadey... never know when she'll go all felrage on you.

And now to my next most interesting thing:

Someone recently used "Bad-Bottom" in a comment I read(past tense) on a blog I read(present).

Seriously? BAD-BOTTOM. As in wow did you see that Orc one-shot 'nyxia and solo Arthas? He's so BAD-BOTTOM.

Now I'm not one for colorful language...but BAD-BOTTOM is just ....hillarious... I've got this picture of Chuck Norris or Vin Diesel(sp?) as a baby running around in a diaper and a red wagon being all BAD-BOTTOM.

I'm gonna have to use this more often:

Dammy: "TJ too bad you just aren't a very BAD-BOTTOM blogger like me."

Dammy: "Wooot! 15k regrowth crit! I'm so BAD-BOTTOM! Fear my healy power!"

Dammy: "Man I wish I was a BAD-BOTTOM warrior like Herk. Then I could call Moon Melvin." (Although Melvin really is more of Ren00b's thing)
Moon(psst secretly I'm just a TJ fanboi): "UP YOURS!"

1 comment:

klaki said...

Sarcasm is BAD! Nobody should ever do it!

Who am I kidding, I love sarcasm. It's so funny. Even though it gets me in trouble, I still love it. I'm not a fan of snarky though.

Even though the thought of baby Norrises, Van Dames, Vin Disels, etc. is really funny... I refuse to help spread this "BAD BOTTOM" thing. I deem it not manly enough.... sry Dammy.