Sunday, January 13, 2013

The difference between Should/Rather and Am.

What I should be doing right now:

Rewriting/building my engineering capstone project's code from the ground up in order to make it more organized and clean.

What I'd rather be doing right now:

Cheerfully finishing up the last pages of an amazing novel that I just wrote*.

What I am doing:

Writing a blog post.

Saturday went splendidly in the manner that I overslept, but still went to work.  When I got to work I became very grouchy for being at work and not getting work done fast enough.  Then I came home to my house where everything is dirty.

So now I'm in the garage trying my best to ignore Matilda from the living room and trying not to be a complete #($* about how much I don't like this house or the stuff in it or my weekly schedule(lack there of).

I tried to look back at the early portions of this blog to see if I had always been as downer as I have been recently and I can't really tell because this blog was originally a game based blog it is really hard to tell.  Although I am fairly blarghed by the content of my early posts and how just ...... I'm not even really sure what to use to describe it.

*I haven't written a novel.  I just wish I had.

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