Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Frozen Hell

 So if you haven't been able to tell I've been posting over the past week/weekend about war games I played over the past year.  This was the second TCS game that me and Wulfa's dad played and I have here two photos from the two games we played.  Unlike Bloody Ridge(48 hrs), and Korellia(10 hours) this game is massive.  Absolutely massive.  I felt like we clocked around 120 hours each time we played it.

Just like Bloody Ridge this game requires you to write orders and abide by them.  And like bloody ridge one side is very good at implementing(the Finns) and the other sucks at it(the Russians).

In both games I played the Russians.  In the first one(seen above) I absolutely dominated.  Unfortunately this was because I was reading the rules exactly as written and was abusing a key watch tower to use my artillery to demolish the Finns.

The second game, seen below went a lot slower as we(after a short chat with the designers) adjusted that rule and forced me to spot for my artillery up close.  I still think I would have won but the game ended on a draw as we were forced to take a 2 month hiatus due to school overwhelming me(he's retired he can play anytime :P unlike me).

Still I had a lot of fun and this game led to me learning a WHOLE lot about the Finnish Winter war of 1939 which was and is AMAZING.  Seriously if you love hearing about how a bunch of rag-tag underdog farmers stand up against 7 to 1 odds with equipment nearly a century old vs an empire with crack new equipment ....and win.  Then read about the Winter War.

The Finns lost territory in the settlement but ask Poland, the Balkans, and the Baltic States..... what they got was nothing less than a mind blowing victory.  Screw Asia...never fight a land war in Finland.

Also, buy "A Frozen Hell" and play it.  Lots of fun if you like highly detailed, crappy terrain, slog fests at -20 degrees Celsius over frozen lakes rolling with fog.

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