Thursday, January 27, 2011

More workout stuffs.

Wednesday Jan 26th Morning
--Ran for about 30-40 min doing 100m sprints followed by 100m jogs.

Wednesday Jan 26th Evening
--115 pushups and 30 situps. I need to be doing more situps but am concerned about aggravating my hernia surgery site. No real excuse though for not doing them.

Thursday Jan 27th Morning.
--2-2.5 mile run going to happen in about 5 min.

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Cap'n John said...

Keep it up, Damm. I've signed up for the Gladiator Rock 'n Run. That's only ~3.5 miles but the course itself should be lots of fun. I'm doing 20-minute 2-mile runs, push-ups, & squats while curling (or rowing) a 10lb barbell in each hand. I'm fortunate that I can run at my local High School on their synthetic track, which is better for my knees than pounding pavement, but I still need to work that distance up to 3-4 miles if I want to take this thing seriously. Fortunately the Rock 'n Run is not until May so I still have a few months to train.