Monday, August 2, 2010

Playing SCII offline.

I just d/c my interweb and start playing. Going to test again will update this post later if I have any problems but I don't remember having any.


edit. Sorry I actually have to connect first and then go offline while game is up... I really thought I had been offline to start with the times I tested it.

Sorry Dech's.


Dechion said...

Bummer, you got me all excited.

I was hoping you had found a way that might bypass Battle net keeping track of my time. (I only have the 7 hour friends trial, and was hoping to finishe the campaign)

Scott said...

It is not that big a deal for me. I would rather not have to be connected to play, but it isn't that intrusive.

For the Warhammer RTS I had to make a Microsoft Live account, and a Steam account. Steam had to have some thing running in the background or the game would not play. I think I had to be hooked into Microsoft Live as well, but honestly I just found the whole thing confusing and annoying and got fed up.

Plus, I bought the Warhammer game to play when we were up north and didn't have internet; in case we were stuck inside becasue of the weather or something. Back to the store it went.