Friday, August 6, 2010

On plans.

School starts in less than two weeks.

I've wrapped up the single player campaign for SCII for now and am happy with my purchase.

Today I finally got a chance to play warhammer and liked what I saw. I was using a new friend's skaven set and was fighting a high elf army. I kept freaking out because I'd get hammered by a spell or attack.... and then realizing that I'd only lost a few(5-15) worthless clanrats. My rat swarms trapped his horsey guys in a boiling river after they charged and they all died. I was very happy...... my cannon blew up on itself... I was not happy.... I got hit with a meteor of some sort.... yay for worthless clanrats.

And then I was kinda late on getting back and Wulfa "discussed" that with me.

And then I took her out for ice cream and puzzles and she was happier.

And on that ride I ordered another new game that should get here in a week.

I'm really excited.


scott said...

We never really played much Warhammer. We played a lot of 40K, and a ton of Necromunda. Blood Bowl and Mordheim were fun too.

bobreaze said...

Never done the board games like that sounds like fun. Sometimes when your doing something like going out with out the spuse its better to not limit time. Im a guilty conciencse though so it makes doing me stuf harder.