Thursday, August 19, 2010

Commence the freakout.

School started today. Damm was gone all day and I spent most of the day trying really really hard not to think about my classes. I've got two online classes-intermediate spanish and Russian history-and both have assignments due already. The syllabus for my honor's course was emailed at the beginning of the week. The other class I'll encounter tomorrow.

And we ordered most of our textbooks from online sources. And they're NOT HERE YET. THEY'RE NOT HERE. They won't get here til the 23rd. Next Tuesday. That is FOREVER. We're going to have to find another way of saving money. I'm having panic issues. Yeah, that's weird. Just remember I'm most like Hermoine in Harry Potter. I would be disappointed if exams were cancelled.

The most work will be my Spanish course. The rest will just be a lot of writing. Think at least one 3-page paper a week and frequently more. I can do that-I've done it in the past-but never when I've had two little kids clamoring for my attention.

I freak out every semester. Once I figure everything out and determine how much time each class gets I'll settle down. But right now the mountain is looming large.

She's a history major :P Art's and sciences college requires 4 semesters of foreign language.

I'm an electrical engineering major cadet. Guess who requires zero semesters of foreign language?


klaki said...

What major are you taking that requires intermediate spanish and russian history? are you going to become Russians Spanish diplomat? lol

Anyway, don't freak out. Life is more important than worrying over such things. I found out that if you have a positive outlook and believe/trust in God (if you have those beliefs) then things will work out in the end. I will be praying that things calm down.

PS - If you are Harmine (or however you spell it), does that make Dammy Ron? :)

Wulfa said...

@Klaki: Thanks for the prayers! And yes, Damm is kinda like Ron, although he's much smarter in my opinion.