Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Art and flowers.

My camera phone doesn't focus at a range close enough to get the details :(... trying to solve this.
Anyways you can make out the green and gold color scheme I hope.
I *had* to draw today the orclette told me to.
Our flowers are growing along now.
And look very pretty.
Well some of them. Our many many sunflowers..... are now two.
But at least they are blooming!


scott said...

Taking a picture from farther away and cropping it might work. Depends on how much resolution you r camera has.

Gardens take time, and some trial and error. We have tried a lot of stuff that hasn't worked so well, and it was pretty sparse at times. Now, it is basically out of control, and Fel has to go in and cull stuff so it doesn't take over the house.

scott said...

Also... some cameras focus closer at shorter focal lengths, play around with the zoom a little and see what happens.